June 30, 2007

June 29, 2007

Mobi Stroller Bag


One of my biggest problems when I take Andy for a walk is the diaper bag. I don't really want to bring my big diaper bag along when I'm staying in my neighborhood, but my regular purse doesn't really work for such a task. I think the Mobi Stroller Bag would be perfect for me. It has a fleece lined iPod/sunglasses pocket, five interior pockets, a double zipper opening, adjustable shoulder strap, stroller attachment, wipes case, changing pad, and is light weight. It'd be perfect for throwing over your shoulder as you head out the door for your walk!

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June 29, 2007

Pull Along Cowboy


Anderson is just starting to get the hand of pull-along toys. So, I think he would get a kick out of Pull Along Cowboy, and his friend (or arch-enemy?) Indian Girl. As the toys are pulled along they bounce around. Made from wood, felt, and non-toxic varnish, these toys are approximately 9" x 7.5" x 4". You can also get a pull-along Twareg, and Marajah.

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June 28, 2007



Blirt is a children's organic t-shirt company with great designs. The company started hoping to "introduce kids to the playfulness of the English language." I've heard of them all except Bull in a China Shop, so I guess I've learned something too! I love all the designs, they are all colorful and fun. Each is available in both long and short sleeved varieties, and the sizes start at 2T.

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June 28, 2007

Double-Touch Plug 'N Outlet Covers


Are you sick of constantly removing and replacing outlet covers on your commonly used outlets? Well, these Double-Touch Plug 'N Outlet Covers might be just for you. A $2.29 package includes 2 covers that fit over outlets with plugs. A simple-yet-child-resistant double-touch releases the cover, exposing the outlet beneath.

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June 27, 2007

Ubi Changing Table


The Ubi Changing Table comes with a bunch of neat features, but what I like the most is that it's on the floor. If you have a hard time getting up and down, this would obviously not be great. But for those of us who seem to spend a ton of time on the floor with our baby anyway, this is a great product. Now that Andy is quite squirmy and mobile, he doesn't not want to lay still on his changing table no matter what. So every diaper change is not only a struggle but a concern because I'm afraid he'll one day fall off. I think a table that sits on the floor would be nice because just laying out a lap pad every time could get to be a pain and may not stay clean if you leave it on the floor. The Ubi has an anti-microbial surface, hypoallergenic upholstery that easily wipes clean, and fastener strips that hold the clean diaper in place while you are changing the baby. There are different fabric and wood options, and a deluxe table also has a built in diaper dispenser that automatically feeds a diaper to the top once the baby is done being changed. My only concern is that it holds up to 30 lbs, so this wouldn't be great if you have a big baby like me who is about to hit that limit at 14 months.

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Romping Animals


These Romping Animals look like they would be lots of fun. They're the perfect size for young children. They can be used as furniture, either upright or on their side, but they're designed especially for creative play. The animals are made from a firm foam material, so rough-housing is encouraged! They are available in 3 or 6 layers, in a variety of color combinations. This product is brand new, so you'll have to order now for a Fall 2007 delivery.

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June 26, 2007

Flutterflies Decorating Kit


I must admit that it's taken me a while to warm up to wall decorations that stick right to the walls. Maybe it's because I still haven't decorated Andy's nursery yet with all our recent moves. I have a hard time finding ones I like enough to actually put on a wall. But I did discover the Flutterflies Decorating Kit, and I actually do like it! There are 130 butterfly decals of different sizes and colors included, and they are easy to use. Just peel and stick, and then when you are ready to take them down they come down easily without taking off the paint. It is certainly a much more inexpensive and simpler way to change the character of a room than putting up wallpaper or painting.

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Stokke Sleepi


Are you looking for a great convertible crib? The Stokke Sleepi System not only looks great, but will grow with your child for many years. The Stokke Sleepi can be used as a bassinet, crib, toddler bed, and it can even be turned into a pair of chairs. The Sleepi System includes 2 mattresses, 1 drape rod, and a conversion kit to transform from a crib to a mini bed.


If you spend a little more for the Stokke Sleepi Junior Bed Kit, you can turn it into a 67.6 inch long junior bed. This kit includes 1 junior sized mattress. The mattress has a waved base, and the underside of the cover is made of netting for increased ventilation and comfort.

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June 25, 2007

Super Cool Baby Scrubs


I know a ton of people who love scrubs. Personally, I've never understood it, but if you think they're super comfortable you may want Baby Scrubs for your child. The shirt pocket can be personalized with the baby's name, birth date, hospital, or whatever else you want to include. A special pen even comes with the outfit. They are a great way to commemorate your baby's birth! It's available in three colors: lab green, surgical blue, and pink.

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Baby Lamp


Are you sick of cutsie lamps for your nursery? This Baby Lamp is a little creepy, but once you get past that you'll realize its totally awesome. Nearly anatomically correct, this lamp looks just like 3 or 4 month old baby. Its a perfect nightlight or maybe just a nice accent on a bookshelf. In addition to blue, the lamp is available in orange and green.

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June 22, 2007

Lily Pad Lagoon Play Mat


Here's a play gym that looks like a ton of fun for your baby. The Lily Pad Lagoon Play Mat is a large round mat with bright colors and textures with monkeys, lions and other animals hanging from above from the see-through canopy. There's also a frog mirror that lights up and has music and jungle sounds that can be placed on the ground or attached above and a large fabric caterpillar that can be used as a bolster. All the detachable toys along with the mat and canopy fold up and fit into a vinyl carry bag too, so you can put it away easily when you aren't using it.

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Welcome to the World Baby Wagon


Looking for a great baby shower gift? Well, the Welcome to the World Baby Wagon is a great choice. Available in pink and blue, it has all sorts of treasures inside perfect for parents of a new born. It includes a hooded terry cloth towel, a receiving blanket, a sleeping gown, long- and short-sleeved onsies, a bib, a burp cloth, a terry velour washcloth, a pair of booties, and a hat all in a bear theme. I'm not so sure you'll be using the wagon to pull your child around, but it will make a great place for storing toys.

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June 21, 2007

Review: Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought


We received an electronic copy of Immedium's new book, Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought here at Super Cool Baby. The book was written by Oliver Chin (also the author of The Year of the Pig), and illustrated by Heath McPherson.

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Cashmere Soft Growth Chart


Now that Andy's starting to stand, we are very interested in tracking his growth. After all, he's a huge baby and has the potential to grow like a weed! I really like the Cashmere Soft Growth Chart. It cleans easily, charts your baby from 25 to 60 inches, and is a great addition to any nursery. Each design comes with it's own unique markers, such as a carrot and flower marker for the bunny chart and a bone for the puppy chart. They can be embroidered with your child's name too!

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June 20, 2007

Paci Pod


For those of you that are lucky enough to have babies that take a pacifier, the Paci Pod is a product for you. It's a pacifier holder that can attach to your bag so it's easy to find, and the best part is that the inside has an antimicrobial treatment! I think this would be a great way to make sure you always have a spare pacifier just in case you need one at any time.

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Terry Hoodie & Crop Pant Set


I know that Juicy track suits are a favorite of many moms. They are comfy, easy to wear, and yet still stylish. Now your little one can dress just like Mommy! The Terry Hoodie & Crop Pant Set by Juicy Couture Kids is so adorable. It's available in pink and blue, has a hood, front zipper, front pockets, and cropped pants. And obviously the hoodie can be worn separately too as a cover up!

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Cord Wind-Up


One of the neat things that came with our new house were cordless blinds in the nursery. I didn't even know they made blinds like that! But you can keep your child free from the dangers of curtain and blind cords using something like this Cord Wind-Up. It's super simple to operate: simply clip the wind up in the middle of the cord and twist the top cap. This winds the cord inside the plastic case, raising the bottom of the cord safely out of the reach of children. For $1.49 its a simple solution to a potential danger.

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June 19, 2007

Lullaboo Cradle


We've featured Celery Furniture before, but I want to tell you more about the Lullaboo Cradle. Celery Furniture makes nursery furniture that not only looks great, but fulfills your child's need for comfort and fun. This cradle is elegant and simple, so simple that you don't need any hardware to put it together! Available in two versions, stable and rocking; it's small enough to keep by your bed at night, and still move into your living area during the day. That way your baby will never be far from your reach. The Lullaboo Cradle is made from bamboo and 100% recycled MDF.

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Bink Link


I've mentioned once or twice or a thousand times here how Andy's never used a pacifier, much to my chagrin. I think if he had, I would have kept a little more of my sanity since he's a fussy baby. For those of you lucky ones who have a baby that will take a pacifier, the Bink Link would work well for you. They make really cute pacifier clips. One side attaches to the shirt (or whatever else is nearby), so that the pacifier doesn't fall out of reach or get lost. They have a few different color combinations, my favorites being Candy Necklace and Quack!.

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June 18, 2007

Flower Tubby Hooded Bath Towel


I think the Flower Tubby Hooded Bath Towel is one of the cutest I've ever seen. The petals frame the face so well and will make your baby look like a flower! It's also available in a puppy design as well as matching flower and puppy washcloth.

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Fish Sail Stacker


I love interesting stackers. Andy's stacker has probably been his most favorite toy out of everything he's owned, playing with it since he started sitting. The Fish Sail Stacker is a really cute take on a stacker. The base is a boat, and the sail of the boat is made up of rainbow fish that come off. The boat also has a spot for little toys or dolls too if your child wants to play pretend. The fish can also stand with another fish to make an arch!

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Schylling Metal Speedster


I never had anything like this growing up, but I definitely love it. This speedster is made from metal and foot powered. Put your toddler in the seat, and watch as they zoom around the house. And you don't have to worry about your floors: the wheels are made from rubber. Want something other than a speedster? You can also get a firetruck, and a pink flower car.

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June 15, 2007

Pink Tadpoles


Pink Tadpoles was kind enough to send us a sample tee to review for you all. This company is very important to us because they support breast cancer research and specifically the Susan G Komen Foundation. Peter's mother died of breast cancer, so this cause more than any other is one we want to support. This site sells infant apparel, but they also have a store at Cafe Press for toddlers and adults. We were sent the Pink Ribbon tee in a small. So far they've donated over $2000 just from their site, which I think is very commendable!

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ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer


I have a friend that kept track of everything her daughter did for months and months after her birth. I tried for about two weeks, but it just didn't last. If you want or need to know what your child is eating, when he's sleeping, etc so you can track it, the ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer might be for you. It has four timers for changing, feeding, napping, and more as well as a switch that can tell you what side the baby last nursed from, a night light to help parents find their way in the dark, a back lit display so you can read it in the dark, and a back clip so you don't have to hold on to it. This product is a 2007 iParenting Media Award winner as well. If tracking your baby is important to you, this might be something you should consider.

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I love the clothes at b.delicious, it's super cute. What makes them different from every other clothing company out there is that they use hand cut Ultra Suede designs that are placed on top of each other for a bit of a 3D effect. There are also cute ideas for their tees and onesies too, such as a gumball machine, wheel barrel, taxi cab, and more. They'd make a great present for someone about to have a baby as they're very unique for baby clothing.

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June 14, 2007



Ah summer, the season of weddings. If you're planning on going to any this summer with your child, be sure to check out Gaga's. Gaga's rents children's special occasion clothing over the internet, so you don't have to waste your money on something your fast-growing child will wear only once. For example, this formal shorts set might normally cost you $45, but you can rent it for 3 weeks for just $17.99. In addition to suits and tuxedos, Gaga's offers a wide selection of dresses, outfits, and outerwear. And at sizes from 6 months up to 4T, you'll be able to fit a child of nearly any size!

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Doomoo Seat


The Doomoo Seat is a Belgium product that we believe has just been introduced to the US. This seat is firm and snug, is covered with a stretchy and soft material, and comes with two upper layers in different colors. It looks really comfy, and we know that kids love to have their own chairs! Just note that at this point there is no belted harness as they are still pending approval. I think that you can never have too many places for your little one to sit in, and this would be perfect for a little tv watching now and then.

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June 13, 2007

Garden Crib Set by Dwellbaby


You've probably realized that I'm a fan of Dwellbaby. They have the most magnificent patterns and fabrics that I've ever seen. I just discovered their Garden Crib Set, and I am now desparate for a girl so I can buy this. I love brown and pink together, and the floral pattern is beautiful. Included in this set are a reversible quilt, reversible bumper, fitted sheet, and a crib skirt.

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Gigi Storksak Diaper Bag


Last week we showed you a diaper bag that Brad Pitt is using, so why not cover Angelina Jolie too? Honestly, I had already found this diaper bag and was going to write about it anyway. That it is used by a famous person is just a bonus! The Gigi Storksak Diaper Bag, which is available in black and chocolate, has adjustable shoulder straps, insulated pockets, a wipe-clean lining, and a detachable changing mat. It looks just like a normal purse. If you don't want a diaper bag that looks like one, this is for you.

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Bottle Rocket


Jill over at Alex Casey Baby wrote in to let us know about her new upscale baby boutique. There are lots of cool baby products available, but we especially like the Sippy Rocket and the Bottle Rocket. The Sippy Rocket is a molded mini cooler for your child's sippy cups. It zips up to keep the cold or hot inside. As an added bonus it perfectly fits a 12 ounce soda can. It's 3" wide and fits just about all sippy cups without handles. The Bottle Rocket is similar. It fits tall and short bottles up to 2" wide. Keep the pair of these in your diaper bag, and you'll never have to worry about having a cool drink handy!

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June 12, 2007

New Onesies and Tees at Threadless


Threadless has new baby items out, and we really like a bunch of them. I Don't Want To Grow Up, Pexe, and mmmh.. Delicious are all available in onesies and kids tees, and H2O's Sacrifice and Cryptozoology are only in 2T and up. I'm really glad they're stocking more baby clothing, I think these are great presents for new moms!

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Olivia Chandelier


When we moved into our house last month, one thing the sellers left were adorable chandeliers in the two smaller bedrooms. As they had three girls and we have a boy, they are not quite fitting with our decor. But they are simply amazing, and I plan on saving one in case I do ever have a girl. I just found the Olivia Chandelier, and it reminds me of one that we now own. It has five arms with flower detail on each, glass crystals, and a 36 inch hanging chain. It's also available in four colors: ivory, mocha, pink and white. I think it's just beautiful, and what little girl wouldn't love it? If you'd like shades, there are a bunch available as well.

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Mama Board Stroller


I totally love this idea. A skateboard attachment for your stroller. The Mama Board probably works best on jogging strollers, and you might want to stick to a bike path, but it just looks like it would be a whole lot of fun, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the manufacturer is German (and would you expect something whacky like this from anybody else?), so you may have a bit of a challenge if you want to get one for yourself. If you want to see it in action, be sure to check out these videos.

via Slash Gear

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June 11, 2007

Karma Baby


I've mentioned before that Andy never liked a sling much. I regret not trying harder, but he was such a screamer that I took his lead often and didn't push much. I really like the slings over at Karma Baby though. They have a ton of great fabrics to choose from. Some are reversible, and there's also fleece and organic ones too. Some of my favorite fabrics include Starry Night, Sweet Ema, Dreamland, and Ara. I really suggest that you all try a sling if you haven't already. They can be great for the baby. I definitely plan on trying harder to use one when I have another!

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Bitty Braille


Bitty Braille makes tees for girls and boys that have kid friendly words (happy, smile, and buddy are a few) written on them as well as in braille. The girls have swarovski crystals while the boys get metal studs, and each is handcrafted on American Apparel tees. Also, a portion of every sale is donated to the American Foundation for the Blind. You can have the tees personalized with the child's name as well.

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Hey Peanut


A few days ago a reader wrote in to tell us about their favorite place to buy boys clothing, Hey Peanut. Hey Peanut was started because the founders discovered that the selection of well-designed everyday clothing for their son was lacking. Something that all parents of young boys are sure to agree with. Take this awesome Little Creatures Shirt — it has a leaf print on chartreuse with a contrasting yoke and collar. If you like this, Hey Peanut offers a wide variety of t-shirts, tops, bottoms, onesies, and jackets. Be sure to check them out the next time you're looking for clothes for your baby boy!

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June 8, 2007

Jamie StorkSak Diaper Bag


I usually don't take much stock in the baby products that famous people use because I figure they are normal people just like us. Except they often can spend thousands of dollars to have many of the top strollers, while I'm lucky to have one! However, as Father's Day is coming up, I thought I'd tell you about the Jamie StorkSak Diaper Bag. Brad Pitt uses it, but it'd work for a woman as well. If you want the father of your children to carry the bag sometimes (and I know how heavy it can be to carry for very long, so why not?), this would be a great bag for them. It comes with a changing mat, has insulated side pockets, wipe-clean lining, and adjustable shoulder straps. It's also available in espresso too.

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Toad Stool


I love this stool! I think any child would find it hilarious. I do at least! When you step or sit on the Toad Stool, it croaks! It's also very cute, I love it's eyes! This would defniitely make teeth brushing time a little more fun!

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Review: Rusty Bumper


We received a t-shirt from the folks at Rusty Bumper the other day. Rusty Bumper makes a selection of t-shirts and onesies in great colors -- not your typical blue and pink but black and brown. The shirt we received, as you can see, is the brown graphic tee. Its a nice deep dark brown color. It has a two color logo silk screened onto the front, and the Rusty Bumper logo on the back. I'm not entirely sure why the logo looks just like a biohazard warning, but perhaps its an apt warning when it comes time to change a diaper!

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June 7, 2007

Quinny Buzz


The Quinny Buzz is an all-terrain stroller that has just become available in the United States. Already quite popular in Europe, this stroller is one you can use all throughout your child's life. There's the Dreami bassinet that attach to the stroller and works for up to 20lbs, and the seat has a three position recline and a super easy folding design. There's other great features like an adjustable foot rest, height adjustable parent handlebar, a seat that can face front of back (what I would give for my stroller to do this!), and a bunch more! It's available in black, juice, capri, and sulpher. The bassinet is available in capri, black, red and sulpher.

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Busy Glow Flashlight


Anderson loves turning lights on and off, so he'd probably get a kick out of playing with the Busy Glow Flashlight by Playskool. This real, working flashlight provides hands-on fun day or night. When your baby gives the handle a squeeze, lights sparkle, the spinner goes around and it activates the clicking ring. The Busy Glow Flashlight is also available at Amazon.com.

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Speesees Dandelion Kimono Onesie


I don't think I can ever get enough of onesies like the Speesees Dandelion Kimono Onesie. They are such a neat design, and this one in particular has an amazing dandelion print. It's made of 100% organic cotton, has low-impact herbal dyes, and nickel free snaps in a sweatshop free environment, so it's pretty good for the environment and your baby.

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June 6, 2007

My First Giant Warm-Hearted Friend


One of the neatest things to me when I was little were large stuffed animals. I couldn't get enough of them, and when I once received a huge elephant for Christmas, I was ecstatic. Therefore, I love the My First Giant Warm-Hearted Friend. It's 40 inches tall and is made of a silky low pile plush. It's adorable, and I think a lot of little ones would love this as much as I do!

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Mid-Century Piggy Bank


Teach your kids to save in style with this Mid-Century Piggy Bank from Pamela Barksy. Cast from an authentic mid-century mold and hand glazed, this piggy bank is straight out of the 1950s. Each bank comes with some money inside (the amount varies, so you never know what you'll get), and a rubber stopper underneath allows you to empty the bank without breaking it.

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Sensory Selections Bouncer


Andy had a very basic bouncer when he was little, and I regretted not buying him one that he'd find more fun. I really like the Sensory Selections Bouncer as it's very interactive. You can customize it to stimulate your baby's sight with an overhead motorized mobile, your baby's hearing with music and sounds, and your baby's sense of touch with the textured toys that your baby can reach. Use just one of these or all three, or move them all out of the way if your baby is overstimulated. It also vibrates and has a machine washable pad.

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June 5, 2007

Baby Summer Wrap with UV Protection


One of my biggest issues last summer with a newborn baby was that he couldn't be out in the sun. My pediatrician told me not to put sun screen on him until he was six months old, but by that point it was already well into fall and I wasn't outside much anymore. I really wish I had the Baby Summer Wrap with UV Protection back then. It only allows 1/30th of the sun's UV rays to pass through, it's very lightweight so your baby stays cool, and it's easy to pack and travel with too. If you plan on being outside with a newborn a lot this summer, I think this is a wise purchase.

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I recently found Kukunest, and I love it! They make colorful and fun bedding for children. Right now they only have twin sets, but soon they'll be coming out with bedding for cribs, bassinets, and full sized beds too. Each set has a fun theme such as lantern festival and around the world. You can buy a duvet cover, sham, two different coordinating sheet sets (a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and standard pillow case), and a matching art print. Although it can be hard to transition some children from the crib to an adult bed, I think this adorable bedding will at least make it a little more fun for your child.

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Cuddly Bear Puppet


Anderson has a little blue doggie that he sleeps with every night. Its great because its just the right size for cuddling, and he loves to hold an ear or tail while he sucks his thumb. This Cuddly Bear Puppet looks like it would make a great bedtime and playtime companion. Its made from super soft chenille with cotton fill. However, when the inevitable strikes, you'll have to hand wash it. Not interested in bears? You can also get a cuddly pony, elephant, lamb, or giraffe.

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June 4, 2007

Soft Night Light


For little ones afraid of the dark, I think the Soft Night Light is a brilliant idea. The removable light is surrounded by a velor teddy bear. The light lasts for seven hours and has a wall charger. It's even machine washable! If your child needs a night light, consider one that they can also hug!

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Do you know what blithesome, puerile, or consanguineous mean? I certainly did not, but SATees does. They have onesies, t-shirts, and bibs with these words and others on them that describe most children. Why have a onesie that says untiring when it can say indefatigable instead? Each item also comes in a variety of colors because they're made via Cafe Press.

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Boon Bath Goods


Is bath time a little boring for your little ones? Spice things up with the Boon Bath Goods — a set of fifteen bath appliqués, three balls, and two mini-scrubbies. These toys are mold and mildew resistant, and are made for children 6 months old and up. Be sure to check out the Boon Frog Pod for a place to put all of these toys! Boon Bath Goods are available at Amazon.com, Giggle, and at Shopzilla.

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June 1, 2007

Baby Secret Agent Tees


I recently discovered the Baby Secret Agent Tees from gohgirl, and I love them! Each character is a secret agent from a different country and has her own secret power that she uses to get out of sticky situations. Each design is screen printed on American Apparel tees, so you know they are high quality and super comfy for your child.

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Beach Toys


Going to the beach this summer? Or perhaps just the sandbox at the neighborhood park? Be sure to pick up a set of beach toys like the SW Express Beach Set over at Baby Wise. The set includes a rake, shovel, mini dump truck and a sturdy bucket to hold everything. Have fun making some sand castles! And when you're back home, you can bring the whole set into the bathtub to continue the fun.

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Monthly Round Up-May

Another great month at Super Cool Baby. Here's a look back at all we discovered!

Sassy Baby Announcements

Bath Time
4Moms Digital Bath Spout Cover with Built-In Thermometer
Shower Pets
Bath Shower Spray

Bed Time
Zaky: Hands Off Attachment Parenting

Chairs and Bouncers
Henry IV Convertible High Chair

Clothing and Accessories
Wrap Outfit Gift Set
Snobby Babies
Baby Yap Yap
Tiny Rock Star
My Lullabug
4 in 1 Reversible Dresses
Bella Sera Shop
I Enjoy Cereal Tee
New at Threadless

Diapering and Diaper Bags
Twisted Twee

Tulip Bottle Drier
Jar Holder and Bendi Spoon
The Baby Bistro Box

Woody Chalkboard Table
Panton Junior

Bunny Musical Mobile
Puzzle Carpet
Jax Organic Storage Tower
Chalkboard Wall Panel

Play Gyms
3D Playground

Speesees Maternity (& After!) Kimono

My Lullabug
Baby IQ DVDs
My Conservation Baby
Mommy Cards at Fruition Designs
Tucker Paisley Card Holders
Soaker Pads
Go Potty Go DVD
Summer Sure & Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate
Evenflo Secure Step Top of Stair Metal Gate-He Says vs She Says
Boon Frog Pod and update
Baby Cakes Mane-Event
Boon Flo
Sleepy Head Bunny
Wubba Nub Plush Pacifier

Seat Chiller Car Seat Cooler

Joovy Cool Essentials Parent Organizer
Cielo Stroller

Stuffed Animals
My Little Huggable Companion Gift

Automoblox S9 Sedan
Roller Coaster Bead Maze
Five Different Building Blocks
Safari Car Seat Play Pad
Hammer Balls
Airy-Fairy Baby Swing by Haba
Rockabye Sandy Snail Rocker
Symphonic Stacker
Baby Paper
Danny Dinosaur Rocker
Monkey and Froggie Face Rattles
Back Seat Travel Mobile

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