August 31, 2007

Little Fiori


I just discovered Little Fiori last week, and they make the most adorable baby shoes I've ever seen. They seem to be only for girls, which is a shame for those of us who only have boys! But with shoes this cute, I'm almost ready to try for a girl just so I can buy them! They are all hand painted, and there are lots of different types, such as ballet flats, mary janes and sneakers. My top picks are the Hibiscus Mary Janes, Pink Polka Dot Butterfly, and the Flower Sparkle Maddy, but really each pair is quite remarkable. If you have a girl, I really suggest you browse the store.

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August 31, 2007

Review: Phonics 4 Babies


We received a preview of a new DVD called "Phonics 4 Babies." To be released on September 25, "Phonics 4 Babies" introduces 300 key words and phrases that form the basis of your child's speech. This program was designed with the help of prominent clinicians at UCLA, speech pathologists, and child educators. It was specifically designed to engage babies and toddlers in early speech skills.

The DVD features several puppet "Tummy Tots." We received one of plush 8 legged creatures these with our preview copy. In the DVD, Giggles is a Tummy Tot toddler, who is just beginning to speak. On the arm of Mallory Lewis, Giggles learns how to say "please," and "thank you," and learns the sounds of each letter of the alphabet.

The DVD emphasizes different sounds and identifying various objects. A common element is Mallory Lewis asking the audience to pick out an object from a group of three. For example, a picture of a rabbit, sandbox, and a coat is displayed. She asks the audience to find each one in turn. Each scene often involves a quick song, sung by Ms Lewis.

We had Anderson watch the DVD with us last night. He wasn't too interested at first, but after a while he finally settled down to watch with us. Still, most of the time his attention was kept elsewhere. He had no where near the slack-jawed attention he might give to Blues Clues, for example. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

There's no way I can tell right now if this DVD delivers what it promises. But it does seem to be headed in the right direction. If you're going to have your child watch DVDs, be sure to watch with them, and help reinforce the lessons that are taught. That way, your child will get much more out of it than by simply watching it alone.

Of course, parent watchability is a key factor if you plan on doing that. Laura found that the DVD got on her nerves very quickly. I didn't think it was as bad as her, but there are definitely some annoying things about the DVD. However, its really not as bad as some of the toddler-oriented stuff out there (Wiggles, I'm looking at you!). And Phonics 4 Babies does promise to be a little more educational than your average TV program.

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August 31, 2007

Ku Ku Bird Security Blankie from Kushies


If you're looking for a lovely for your baby, the Ku Ku Bird Security Blankie from Kushies is really cute and pretty unique as lovies go. There's a cute bird coming out of one end with a long neck and wings. It's colorful, soft, and perfect for a baby.

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August 30, 2007

Wipes Case


Possibly the ugliest thing in my nursery is the wipes case. It's yellow and plastic and doesn't really match anything else in there. Now, I realize that a wipes case might be silly to some, but if you really want everything in your nursery to look nice, you may want to consider this beautiful Wipes Case at Confetti Kidz. It's available in four different colors, but if you want it to match exactly to your room, you can also have one custom made too. Diapering is dirty business, but at least with this case you can have something pretty to look at besides your baby's bottom.

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August 30, 2007

Sunshine Kids Wheely Mates Tunnel Gym


Here's a cool and unusual play gym for your newborn to play with. The Sunshine Kids Wheely Mates Tunnel Gym, has a tunnel that can completely wrap around your prone baby to provide lots of visual stimulation. A mesh window on one side can provide hours of peek-a-boo enjoyment. The gym itself has several detachable parts, enabling it to be configured in six different ways. So when your baby gets tired of one thing, you can change it up!

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Playspot by Skip Hop


I'm not sure how I missed this, but Skip Hop has a new product out. The Playspot is a foam tile surface for your nursery or playroom. But unlike others that are on the market, this one isn't made up of obnoxiously bright colors that make the room look like a circus (not that I'm bashing it, we have them in our house too!). The design is also really neat with a mix of circles, squares, and jacks. It is okay for children of all ages, is easy to put together, and is pretty big too (72" x 54"). And it's available in three different color combinations: blue/gold, pink/brown, and brights.

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August 29, 2007

Sports Stroller by Phil and Ted


Recently I was in the market for a jogging stroller, so I tried out a cheap one. I hated it. Joggling strollers are hard to get used to because in order to turn you must lift it up off its front wheel. This is easier to do than with regular strollers, but Andy hated it. I just kept wishing the front wheel would turn. In order to find that feature, you must spend a large sum of money. However, if you think you'll use such a stroller, we recommend Phil and Ted's Sports Stroller. They have a bunch of great features that really impress us. First off, if you think you may have another child, they have a doubles kit so you can convert your stroller into a double and go back to a single as needed. Without this kit, there's still a drop down bassinet for your newborn so you can start using it immediately after your doctor gives you the okay to exercise. There's also an adjustable handle, adjustable restraints on both seats, two pockets, a window in the canopy, a cell phone pouch, locking straps to hold the stroller closed, and more. But what we like is that the front wheel can be swivel or fixed, so you have the choice. If you are walking through the woods on a curvy path, you can set the front wheel to swivel so you don't need to lift the front wheel. Put it to fixed when you are jogging on a bike path. I'm not sure if I'll be buying a jogging stroller, but if I do, this will definitely be the one!

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Carrier Cover by Brooks Pond


With cooler weather coming for much of the country, it might be time to think about products like this Carrier Cover. The carrier cover will keep your baby warm and cozy in a variety of popular infant carriers including the Baby Bjorn. Its made out of heavyweight fleece, and has an integrated collar and hood. For the parents there are pockets to keep your hands warm and an interior zip pouch for your wallet and keys. And the whole thing is adjustable to keep pace with your growing baby. We didn't have to use our Baby Bjorn in the winter, as Andy had grown out of it by then. However, I always worried about keeping him warm enough in the carrier, and a cover like this would've been perfect!

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Time's Up/Time Out


I think this is such a great idea for a toddler. The Time's Up/Time Out Bear has a standard timer on its belly, so your little one can see it unwind and help understand time management. Just turn the timer and tell your child that it's time to go to bed when it stops (or whatever you need timed). Another suggested use is for time outs. We haven't gotten to that point yet, but I can certainly see how it'd be a good idea for that too. And the bear is quite cute too!

via Hope's Bag

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August 28, 2007

Threadless Sale


We are big Threadless fans in this household as I'm sure all our readers have realized. They are having their $10 sale again, and this includes the kid's tees. Onesies are $15 (and I can't remember if that's their normal price or not), but if you want to stock up on tees for the entire family, now is a great time to do it. There are also new designs out too, but everything is going fast.

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Jill Maternity Tank Top


Do you want to make it clear to the world that you are pregnant? The Jill Tank is perfect for you then! It is a simple white tank top with a large picture of a baby girl right on the belly. I would have loved this tank when I was at the in-between stage where people did a double take when looking at me wondering if I was pregnant or just gained some weight. If you are having a boy, there's also the Jack Tank. Not sure what you're having? There's a Special Delivery Tank and a Cruiser Tank for you.

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Shampoo Rinse Cup


At bath time, we often run into trouble when we're rinsing Andy's hair. We use a regular plastic cup to scoop up some water, and we pour it over his head while trying our best to keep it out of his eyes. Sometimes that doesn't work so well, and even though we're using "tear free" shampoo, there are still tears! The Shampoo Rinse Cup from One Step Ahead might be a good solution to this common problem. It has a soft rubber panel which you can place against your child's forehead. Then when you poor the water, it should all head in the right direction. Of course, it also just might help if your child would look up for you when you rinse. But this gadget seems useful, and might be a good addition to your bathtub!

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Learning Tees


Learning Tees are organic tops that have a letter and a picture that corresponds to that letter. For instance, the letter D says "d is for dog" on the tee with a picture of a dog. It's a great way to help your child learn the alphabet! Each tee also comes with a fact tag that you can use to look up more information on the subject on their website as well as download a picture of it to color in. Some of my favorites from this bunch are b is for bubbles, p is for pumpkin, and m is for martian, but all are beautiful and would be great for your child. Each is also available in sizes 3 months to 6T.

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August 27, 2007

Clothes Tree


I am great at throwing my clothes all over my bedroom, so of course I do the same to all of Andy's clothes. I may decide that something is still clean, or I just don't finish putting his clothes away after cleaning them. So I think this Clothes Tree would work great in his nursery. It's almost four feet tall, has an easy assembly, and comes in three colors. And it's so much more interesting than your standard clothes tree with it's branches and buds coming off of them. It's a great way to not feel guilty about leaving clothes about!

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Hangin with my Gnomies


Here's a cool little onesie from The Retro Baby: Hangin' with my Gnomies. The onesie is made from 100% cotton, lap shoulders for easy dressing, and snaps at the bottom. The design features 2 gnomes (of the garden variety), with the phrase "Hangin' with my Gnomies" underneath. That's just undeniably whimsical and silly, and is sure to get lots of attention when you're about town with your little one. It's available in sizes from newborn up to 18 months.

via Rare Bird Finds

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Creanimaux Farm from Djeco


For some reason, I'm all about farms right now. I'm not even sure if I've ever been to one, so I don't know why I want to push them on Andy. Maybe so he learns his animals? No matter the reason, the Creanimaux Farm from Djeco is adorable! It's made up of 29 individual blocks that can by used to make a dog, bunny, horse, pig, cow, and chicken. And they can be mixed up to make unique creatures too! The pieces are chunky enough for a toddler, full of color, and 100% wood.

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August 24, 2007

New Glug Baby Clothing at Black Wagon


There have been some great new clothing items by Glug Baby out at Black Wagon that we are so excited about. Our favorite has got to be the Leaf Dress (which we wish was in adult sizes as well!), but there's also the Fall Long Sleeve Tee, the Corduroy Skirt that are super cool too.

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Review: Slick Sugar


Here at Super Cool Baby headquarters, we received a size 2 Rock Star Dog t-shirt from Slick Sugar. Laura wrote about Slick Sugar late last month. They specialize in clothing for newborns to 6T.

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August 23, 2007

Baby Garden in a Bag


Do you want to celebrate a friend's birth in a unique way? Consider the It's a Boy! and It's a Girl! Gardens-in-a-Bag at Wishing Fish. They are easy to grow, so there's not a lot of hard work for the new mom and dad, and they get pretty flowers in their house. Or if you have a ton of money, you could send them out as announcements to everyone you know. But at $8 each, that could get expensive!

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If you've had kids, you'll know that some of the best parenting advice comes from other parents (as long as it isn't unsolicited of course!). At BabblePedia they have advice on topics from Breastfeeding to Vaccines, and its all from other parents like you. In the spirit of Wikipedia anybody can change and contribute to the BabblePedia, so each article should only get better (or at least point out both sides of every controversy). Most articles have a short little blurb, followed by a series of expert opinions (usually taken from articles posted on other parenting websites), followed by the opinions and experiences of other parents. This is a great way of seeing a wide variety of literature on a given topic, which can be very helpful. So, the next time you're looking for some parenting advice, be sure to check out the BabblePedia!

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Piggy Hat


Fall will be here before we know it, and I want to be more prepared than I was last year. One thing I'm thinking about is hats. Andy's head is huge and he needs new ones. I think the Piggy Hat would be absolutely adorable on him. It's hand knit and fits ages 1-4. They may hate us when we pull out the pictures of ourbabies in this hat when they're teenagers, but until then I think any baby would look precious in it!

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August 22, 2007

Birthday Hats


I had never heard of a birthday hat for a baby before, but it's such a cute idea (if your baby will allow it!). At Dimples and Dandelions, there's the Blue Pom Pom 1st Birthday Hat for a boy, and for a girl there's many more such as the Luxe Lavender Chenille Birthday Hat and the Chenille Girl Birthday Hat. If you want to commemorate your baby's birthday, this is a super cute way to do so!

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3-D Activity Book by Tiny Love


Andy liked interactive books much sooner than he liked picture books. I had a few at the time, but I wish we had owned something like the 3-D Activity Book too. This book has 5 colorful double pages with different features on each. It helps with fine motor skills, imagination, and lots more, and it can be attached to a stroller or crib or a favorite toy, so you can always have it nearby.

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Here's a neat idea for your nursery decoration over at Modernseed: Chalk-a-Dots. These chalk dots are 18.5-inches in diameter, and come as a set of 4 different colors. They can be moved after you put them up — they're not as permanent as painting your nursery with chalk paint. With a newborn, you could keep track of milestones on these (until you put them in your baby book of course), or you could keep track of feedings and changings. And once your child is older they can be a canvas for her imagination! If 18.5-inches is a little big for you, there are smaller ones available too. If you like these, be sure to use the coupon code FILLY10 at checkout to save 10% on your order.

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August 21, 2007

Slumber Bear with Silkie


The Slumber Bear with Silkie is a great idea. It was created by a doctor, and has been used by hospitals and pediatricians for over 25 years. The bear itself is a plush, 10-inch stuffed animal. But the ingenious part of it is the sound box in the stomach. It is loaded with actual womb recordings and has a quick five minute shut off. Five minutes? you're probably asking yourself right now, but its also got a motion sensor that starts the recording all over again if it detects your baby stirring. So, no more creeping into the nursery to turn on a CD player! Finally, Mom should keep the Silkie blankie around her during the day. The blanket will pick up her scent and lend a extra comfort to your baby at night. Definitely a great gift for any new parents!

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Magnet Mates by Tiny Love


Andy's now at the age that he seems to appreciate magnet toys. He has a few cars that attach by magnets, but nothing like Magnet Mates by Tiny Love. The three figures (which all come together) can be attached to each other in different ways, making them look like the best of friends. They are colorful and cute and much more fun than your normal plush toys.

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August 20, 2007

New Designs at Threadless


Threadless has been coming out with a bunch of cute tees and onesies in the past weeks, and we thought it'd be a good time to tell you about them. Some of our favorite new designs include Skip Dessert, The Young Explorers Society, There's No Crying in Breakfast, Wanted, Hidden, Sea-Saw II, and Video Games Ruined My Life. All these designs are available in men's and women's sizes too!

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Review: Wilbur


There's a show on Discovery Kids that's trying to teach children an important lesson: books are fun and empowering. Wilbur, a young calf, and his barnyard friends have fun and challenging adventures. When they get stuck on some particularly vexing problems, Wilbur turns to his books. After reading the first few words the books come to life, presenting your kids with an animated story. In these stories, the solution to Wilbur's problem is shown. Sometimes it takes another reading to get the whole solution nailed down, though.

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August 17, 2007

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Controversy


Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner seems to be a controversial item right now. Many companies selling clothes with this saying are being sued by Lionsgate for trademark infringement according to The Hollywood Reporter. That includes Duck Duck Goose, one of our favorite children's boutiques. If you like this design, we recommend you buy it now in case it's pulled off the shelves in the future.

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Haba Trapper Bag


Sending a toddler off to preschool this fall? Check out this cool Trapper Bag from Haba. It's got a roomy pocket to fit larger items, and lots of small pockets for odds and ends. The adjustable straps let the bag grow with your child for a few years. The bag is made from washable nylon — just toss it in the washing machine.

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Jiah has some of the cutest baby clothes we've seen in a long time. Each item is handmade and the pieces are layered on each other for a bit of a 3D appearance. We love the fabric choices and details of them, such as the button eyes. Some of our favorites in this shop include Hoot Tank, How Does Your Garden Grow Dress, and the Love Birds Tee. But really each piece is amazing, we highly suggest you look around yourself!

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August 16, 2007

Fresco Hi-Chair


Here's another really well designed high chair. The Fresco Hi-Chair from Bloom is designed with a baby's entire babyhood in mind. First, it can swivel 360 degrees and has a pneumatically assisted height adjustment that can be set in any position. From 3 months on, you can recline the seat all the way to make a sleeping pod. From 6 months on, you can use it as an infant seat, a play chair, and for feeding. You can also remove the tray and pull your baby right up to the table. And finally, from 2 to 4 years, you can use it as a child's chair. (And by then it's probably time to start all over again!). While $400 is on the expensive side, this well made high chair will last for years, if not generations. The Fresco hi chair is available in Bermuda Blue, Rock Red, Orange Harvest, Rosey Pink, and Frost Grey.

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Plane Spoon


We have certainly been known to pretend Andy's baby spoon is a plane zooming into his mouth. This tactic has worked quite well for us when he didn't want to eat, although luckily that wasn't too often. If your baby needs a little bit of coaxing, the Plane Spoon might be perfect for you! It is literally a spoon with an airplane attached. It slips off easily for cleaning too!

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August 15, 2007

Child Minder System


There have been a lot of instances in the news lately about children dying in hot cars. It happens every summer, and it makes us sick. If this is a worry of yours, especially if you have someone else driving your child around, you may want to consider the Child Minder System. It is made up of a chest clip for the car seat and a key ring attachment. It notices and sets off an alarm when the driver walks more than ten feet away from the monitor. That way, it'd be hard to leave a child in a car accidently. It installs easily too. It's not compatible with a couple of car seats, so make sure to look into that on their website before buying though.

via Coolest Gadgets

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Simple Silhouettes


When I was young, we had a couple of meticulously, hand traced silhouettes. Of course, as the youngest of six children, I never had one of myself — everybody was sick of them by the time it was my turn. So, I was intrigued to hear about a new business that has just started up: Simply Silhouettes. They make custom designed silhouette products, from traditional black on white, to aprons and 30x30" gallery wrapped canvases. The neatest thing is, all you need to do is send a photo of your subject, and they do all the other work for you! This would be a great gift, and it's one that is sure to last for generations.

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August 14, 2007

Review: B Nature Organic Clothing


B Nature Organic is a baby clothing company that makes everything out of 100% organic cotton. They were founded because they wanted an organic alternative on the market that was both comfortable for the babies as well as stylish. They use a lot of natural colors and are also chemical free, which allows them to "be natural," hence their name! Their clothing is made with organizations that treat their workers fairly and have healthy work environments too. So you don't have to feel bad about clothing your child in their clothes!

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Flute by Sevi


We've said before how we like musical instruments for toddlers because it introduces the joys of music at a young age. We recently told you about a xylophone, and here's a Flute from Sevi too. While it's called a flute, it's actually a recorder. It's made of wood and hand painted. It's perfect for the budding musician in your life!

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Computer Code in Crashed - Chenille Baby Bib


Looking for the perfect gift for your brand new geeky offspring? Check out this great chenille bib: Computer Code in Crashed. The front is a computer code print on a black background, and the reverse is a plush chenille. Each order is custom sewn, so it may look a little different than the sample pictured above.

via Shiny Shiny

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August 13, 2007

Peter Potty


There are probably hundreds of products designed to make potty training easier, but the Peter Potty is definitely one of the more unique products. Designed for boys, of course, the Peter Potty is a stand-up urinal for toddlers. It can be mounted on the wall, or on a stand on the floor. After your little guy is done, he can even hit the button to flush. You'll have to occasionally empty out the catch basin, and refill the flush water. If you want to get a better sense of how it works, check out this video.

via Shopping Blog

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Fort Cloudy


If you and your baby like your ninjas, check out the Ninja Fetus onesie and bib over at Fort Cloudy. I also like the Elephant Onesie and the Apple Baby Onesie. If you see a design you like but not on the right size, contact the company as they are happy to do custom orders too!

Via Funky Finds

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Ant Bib


I am very afraid of ants, yet I still cannot help but love the Ant Bib at Two Blue Peas. The bib is handmade so each one is unique. It ties behind the neck (which is good if your child pulls off his bib like mine!) and is coated with a clear vinyl for easy wiping. If you're buying it for someone else as a gift, consider the Life's a Picnic gift set which has the bib plus wool felt food for the child to play with!

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August 10, 2007



Here is a very neat and innovative travel companion for your child. Zoobie Pets are a plush toy, a soft pillow, and a comfy blanket all in one. Wouldn't this make a great companion for those long family car trips this summer? Zoobie Pets are available in Hada the Hippo, Cheche the Cheetah, Zulu the Zebra, and Jafaru the Giraffe.

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Tie Dye Baby Ruffle Dress


I love tie dye, so if I had a daughter I'd definitely be buying the Tie Dye Baby Ruffle Dress for her. It's super easy to put on, perfect for the beach, and it can also be worn as a long skirt. Besides lavender, it's available in petal and emerald too.

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August 9, 2007

Hi-Chair Bib


Tired of doing extra laundry every time you sit down for a meal? Does the thought of spaghetti sauce make you tremble in fear? Well, the Hi-Chair Bib is just for you! Designed to cover much more of your child than a regular bib, the Hi-Chair Bib is designed to go down past the knees of your child. Yet, its still lightweight around your toddler's neck. An added benefit is, this bib is probably too large for your child to take off himself, as babies love to do.

Thank you to our reader, Rachel, for this tip!

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Birdie Plush Wrist Rattle


I love wrist rattles, and I think the Birdie Plush Wrist Rattle by Sevi (also available in a butterfly version) is really cute. They rattle at the slightest movement, and the plush toy is delightful and not too overwhelming for your baby. Put it on his feet when he discovers them!

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August 8, 2007

Review: Babysitter PlaceTile


Peter and I are finally ready for a babysitter. For the longest time I felt incredibly insecure about leaving Andy with almost anyone. Even now that I'm at the point where I can go out for a few hours on a date, I still need to make sure the babysitter knows how to reach me, I know who her mother is, she knows CPR, etc. Super Cool Baby can't help you with most of these worries if you're in the same boat as me, but we can help you make sure that the babysitter knows how to reach you and knows where to look for your numbers every single time she sits. The Babysitter PlaceTile is a fully erasable, seven inch ceramic tile that stands on its own and has a spot to write all your important information. Included are a spot for where you are going with room for the number, the pediatrician's name and number, nearest hospital and its number, allergies and medications, and notes. And of course you can use any of these spots to write whatever you want if you have other information to give. There is also a dry erase marker that can be attached to the back of the tile via a magnet.

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Kate Bowler Diaper Bag by Caden Lane


I know I'd own about 30 diaper bags if I bought every one I saw that I truly fell in love with. Here is yet another one that we think is too adorable for words (yet we'll try anyway). The Kate Bowler by Caden Lane has a two way top zipper, an interior zip pocket, a key chain snap inside, another clasp for a toy or key, spoon loops (I wish my diaper bag had this!), a removable bottle insulator, a small zippered mama sack, and a changing pad with velcro closure. There's also adjustable straps, seven pockets total, and a stain resistant exterior. Most importantly though, it's so pretty. We love the brown and pink combination. If only it was available in a blue too.

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Monster Cups


Check out this matching set of monster plates and juice cups from French Bull. Decorated with colorful monsters, these plates and cups are sure to delight any toddlers in your house. This set is made from melamine — they're dishwasher safe, but don't put them in the microwave. The plates also come with color coordinating bowls. And if you buy the whole set together it'll only cost $50. All four designs come with this set, so that's 12 pieces altogether.

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August 7, 2007

Wood Blocks by notNeutral


Blocks are one of those essential toys that every baby needs. Not just a source of endless fun, but blocks will help your baby develop fine motor skills. These Wood Blocks from notNeutral are different than the usual alphabet blocks. They feature a series of patterns and colors that go across the set of blocks to form a total of six different "puzzles". The blocks are 1.75"x1.75", and each set comes with 12 blocks and a wooden tray.

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Rosalie Apron by Haba


I know that as soon as he starts to show an interest, Peter is going to get Andy helping him in the kitchen. Of course, the help may cause more work (and more clean up too!), but we know it'll help him learn that cooking is fun. The Rosalie Apron by Haba is a great accessories to get your little one in the mood to help out. It has a front pocket and a smaller leaf shaped pocket to the side, and it'll do well to protect your child's clothes. There's also the similar Karlos the Bear Apron if you think your child would prefer blue over pink.

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August 6, 2007

Baby IQ Giveaway


Don't forget about our giveaway! You have one more week to sign up for our newsletter and be entered to win a copy of The World Around Us DVD by Baby IQ. If you're already signed up for the newsletter, you are automatically entered to win!

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Sandbox Threads


Sandbox Threads sent us an email the other day, letting us know about their hip and funky baby clothing. Started by a stay-at-home dad, Sandbox Threads specializes in clothing that isn't your usual teddy bears and puppy dogs. For such a new store, Sandbox Threads really offers a wide variety of designs. There's sure to be something there that will tickle your fancy. There's an Elvis shirt in the Groupie section; a neat Cairo design in the travel section; and a nice Slinky design in the vintage ads section. There's many more, so be sure to check them out. They offer most designs in onesies up to 6-12 months, and in t-shirts up to size 6T. Also, Sandbox Threads offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

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Baby Bear Mat


I think this Baby Bear Mat is great. I definitely have a love of all things teddy bear, and it looks so cozy. It can be used as a playmat when your baby is young, then as a soft spot to curl up with a book or watch tv when your child gets a little older. It is machine washable and has a non-skid back. There's also a heart appliqué that squeaks. It's also available in blue.

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August 3, 2007

Review: Siente: Night Songs from Around the World


We recently started playing music for Anderson at bedtime. Just like children all over the world, the soft lullabies definitely help him fall asleep. In fact, Siente: Night Songs From Around the World is a great testament to that fact. Each song is a traditional lullaby from a different part of the world. Some lyrics are sung in their traditional dialects and others are sung in English.

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Stuck On You


Children lose things, that's just a part of life. But wouldn't it be nice to at least mark what is hers so that it might happen a little less? Stuck On You is a company that makes labels that you can stick anywhere. Put your child's name on them or a message, whatever you need. Their labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, water proof, and UV resistant and should be able to handle the washing machine and drier too. I really like the idea of iron on labels for clothes so that jackets don't get misplaced. They have ones for anything you could think of, including shoes, pencils, bags, gifts, and more.

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August 2, 2007

Bugaboo Bee


I wish we had done a little more research when we were looking for a stroller. While I can't complain too much about the travel system we got, the sheer size of the stroller has always made it a little cumbersome. A lightweight stroller like the newly released Bugaboo Bee would've been perfect. This stroller is only 20 inches wide, so it's very travel and car friendly. And it has all sorts of neat features that are common to Bugaboo strollers. For example: the handlebar is reversible letting you lead with the swiveling wheels in crowded urban areas, and the large air-filled wheels on rough terrain. It has a reversible, fully reclining 3 position seat. And it has a pull-along 2-wheel position for going across sand and snow. Finally, for those of you with infants, you can buy special adaptors for Graco and Peg Perego car seats. The Bugaboo Bee is available in yellow, dark khaki, red, black, and blue.

Updated 3 Sept 2007: A commenter, Anne Marie, pointed out that we've got some facts wrong here! The tires are not air filled (they're foam filled), and it doesn't have the neat reversible handlebar that the Bugaboo Frog or Chameleon have. That being said, it does have a spring suspension, and is extraordinarily tiny. It is definitely suitable for crowded urban settings, and for those of us with small trunks.

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MeMo Inc.


MeMo Inc. is a company tha sells cute onesies with funny sayings. They have a limited inventory so you don't have to worry about every other baby you know wearing the same thing. They also donate a percentage of their profits to children in need and use packaging made from recycled materials. It sounds like a great company, and I love their different designs. Some of my favorites include MySpace, Pirate Boy and Pirate Girl, and Freeloader.

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August 1, 2007

Messy Mats


One of our current problems taking Andy out to eat is that he wants to throw the plates and everything else on the floor. Of course, this means potentially braking them as well as spoiling his food, so we feed him right on the table. And I think this is putting a little too much trust in the restaurant cleaning their tables off well. So I really think that Messy Mats are a great option. These placemats attach to restaurant tables via suction cups. It's covered in vinyl so it's easy to clean, it has a matching pouch, and it fits easily into your diaper bag or car glove compartment. And there are a ton of different designs to choose from, so you're sure to find one that fits your and your baby's personalities!

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notNeutral Tetra 1 Collection


The notNeutral T4 collection was inspired by the Greek prefix tetra (meaning 4), and the 80s computer game, Tetris. Each piece in this collection uses 4 drawer sizes to create interlocking storage structures.

The Tetra 1, shown above, is a 10 drawer unit made from the four drawer sizes in a 5-row, 2-drawer wide configuration. It is made from birch euro-ply and features one brightly painted drawer (with a choice of colors) and three dark sable painted drawers. The remaining drawers are finished in the natural birch euro-ply.

The accessory tray, available separately, can transform the top into a standard sized changing table. And when your child grows out of his nursery, you can continue using the Tetra 1 as a dresser, or in a linen cabinet, or even as a storage unit in your home office.

If you like the Tetra 1, be sure to check out the Tetra 2, Tetra 3, and Tetra 4.

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