September 30, 2007

September 28, 2007

City Squirtie Set


We have a set of bath toys like these City Squirties and Anderson loves them. We use them in the bath tub, obviously, and he loves it when we fill them up with water and squirt him from far away. This set of bath toys shows a bunch of different vehicles, making bath time fun and educational. They're even good for bringing on the road (see the vehicle theme here?) — a vinyl bag with drainage holes is provided for easy storage.

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September 28, 2007

Review: Threadless


I decided to take advantage of the recent sale at Threadless and buy some tees for Andy. When we'd made purchases in the past, they had only sold 4T and larger, so we were excited to finally try the tees on him. We bought him a bunch of different shirts, including Wanted, Defend the Kingdom, Stupid Raisins, Stay Out Of My Cookies, and Cookie Loves Milk.

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September 27, 2007

Monster Chairs


Here's a fun chair for your child's room. The chair comes in three parts, and forms two modular seats. The top comes off, and the bottom provides a stable platform as well. I'm not sure what you'd use the middle for, perhaps a small footstool, or a pillow. The chair comes in four different colors (orange, red, green, and blue) and each one is a different monster.

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September 27, 2007

Sara Bear Baskets


I love baskets, so of course Sara Bear Baskets are adorable in my eyes. I always changed Andy on his changing table, but for those moms that are happy to do it on the couch, then on their own bed, then somewhere else in the house, these baskets are a huge help. They keep everything in the same spot and can be easily carried while holding your baby. I really like the Sara design, but they are all cute. They have fabric dividers, five compartments including one made to hold the wipes container, and four pockets. Plenty of room for everything you need when you change your baby.

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September 26, 2007

Review: Adventures of WonderBaby


We've reviewed a couple of books by Oliver Chin but the Adventures of Wonderbaby is probably the first that we could actually read to Anderson. The Adventures of Wonderbaby is an inventive take on an A-B-C book. There is a four page preamble that sets up the story of your wonderous baby who turns out to be a WonderBaby in disguise.

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Monster in the Closet Lock


Andy's still a little young to be afraid of the dark (and anything lurking in it), but this is a great idea for any child that has such fears. The Monster in the Closet Lock can be placed on the closet door at night time to help your child feel secure that nothing will jump out at him once he goes to bed. It even has a working key! There's also the Monster Under the Bed Bomb if that is another scary area for your child.

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September 25, 2007

Rubber-Band Racer


I'm not sure exactly how this rubber band racer works, but it definitely looks like it evokes a different era. Powered only with a rubber band, this wooden car will zoom all over your living room. A toy, and a physics lesson all in one!

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Take-Along Tether


Take-Along Tether is perfect for you if your child throws his sippy cup, pacifier, favorite stuffed animal, or anything else to the ground often enough to be problematic. It also doubles as a child tether to keep them from wandering off. We love multi-taskers in this household, so it sounds like a great idea. It's also small enough to fit into your diaper bag or love compartment. It comes in six different fabrics and can be easily cleaned in your washing machine.

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September 24, 2007

Review: Great Expectations: Baby's First Year


We've received a copy of Great Expectations: Baby's First Year here at Super Cool Baby. The book bills itself as an "All-in-one resource for health & safety, month-by-month growth, nutrition, intelligence & development, and baby gear. It is written by a mother-daughter team: Sandy Jones and Marcie Jones. Both are mothers, and Sandy Jones has written many other baby books. The book was written in consultation with Dr. Michael Crocetti, Director of Clinical Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

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Legare Bookcase


I've been hunting for a bookcase for a while now. I want one for all the books we've accumulated, preferably one that fits into our tiny nursery. While the blueberry and strawberry colors aren't a perfect fit for us, the look of the Legare Bookcase certainly is. This bookcase is only 18 inches deep but 59 inches tall. It's easy to put together and has adjustable shelves. If you need a bookcase in a small space, this might be a good option for you.

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September 21, 2007

Gibson, the plush doggie by Gund


We're starting to have a bit of a problem at Super Cool Baby Headquarters. Andy has a stuffed animal that he loves. It looks just like this adorable plush puppy made by Gund, except it's all blue. Anderson loves playing with the tail for some reason, and he will only suck his thumb when he's holding this dog. The problem? Well, we only have one, and he's beginning to leave it in hard-to-find places (in the master bathroom vanity, or in our hamper). I don't even want to consider the prospect of putting him to bed without his favorite animal. So, please learn from our mistake: either mix it up occasionally, or buy more than one!

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I do not have the guts to buy many of the tees at Glarkware for me or my son. But if you can get away with it, we suggest you check them out. We find Constant Source of Disappointment, Happy Accident, and Dingo Snack to both be hysterical, but we do not want Andy (or anyone else) to get any bad ideas from the joke.

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September 20, 2007

Robot Lamps


I've always found robots a little creepy, especially after the Terminator movies. But if your little one likes them, the Robot Lamps might be a good choice for the nursery. Each one is wood and painted with a shade that has shooting lines and stars. We wish they weren't so segregated into boy and girl via their colors though.

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September 19, 2007

Multi-Sensory Suprise Box


Here's another infants' toy that's similar to the Multi-Sensory Clutch Cube. Its the Kushies Zolo Peeko Multi-Sensory Suprise Box. It has padded fabric flaps, each with a different texture, and high-contrast design. There's a baby-safe mirror, dangling ribbons, and chirping bird sounds. The surprise is the detatchable stuffed puppy that can be found inside the cube. I think that Andy would've loved this toy when he was younger, so maybe your baby would like it too!

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Amenity Bedding


I have just discovered Amenity at 2Modern, and I love their new bedding line. Made up of sheets, bumpers, pillows, blankets, and some beautiful wall hangings, it is such a pretty and unique design with a bunch of different forest creatures in high grass. It looks totally cool, and I wish I had known of this when I was planning Andy's nursery. It's also made from organic cotton with low impact dyes, so it's eco friendly as well!

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September 18, 2007

Lambswool Baby Shoes


The weather is turning cool, even here in the mid-Atlantic. This is making me think more about staying warm, and these lambswool baby shoes. The shoes are made with 100% lambswool, obviously, and have a hand embroidered stitching. They sure look warm though, and will keep your babies little toes nice and toasty as the weather gets even colder.

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Lillébaby EuroTote


I had thought that I'd be taking Andy everywhere I went when he was a baby. Unfortunately I was pretty overwhelmed after giving birth and didn't leave the house much for those first few months. But if you have a happy baby who likes to be out and about, the Lillébaby EuroTote would be ideal for you. This versatile design allows you to keep him snug in the carrier while moving him from a car seat to a stroller to hanging from your shoulder. You can also put it down and open it up as a mat for your baby to play on or keep the bottom up so it works as a blanket. And it has two covers for year round use. You can use it from 8 lbs to 3 years of age.

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September 17, 2007

Push Toy Karussell by Selecta


I love push toys and am so glad that Andy's finally enjoying them too. One that I think is super cool is the Push Toy Karussell by Selecta. When it's pushed, the balls spin around the center, and the faster the toy is pushed, the higher the balls will fly. I think it's a really neat design, and one that will keep a toddler interested for a long time.

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September 14, 2007



Bath buckets are the new thing in bathing your newborns these days. We wrote about one earlier, and we just found the WashPOD as well. What makes this one different? Well, its a lot more than just a bucket, its shaped more vertically than horizontally, so it safely holds your baby upright. Its small size will take up less room in your bathroom, and you'll bathe using a lot less water. This has the added benefit of extra stability. The other bath buckets seem to be a little wobbly, but this one has sides that go all the way down. The WashPOD made for babies up to 6 months old.

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Little One Sunshade Stroller Covers


I really like the Little One Sunshade Stroller Covers because it is reversible. Depending on your mood, you can have one of two different patterns showing. If you take lots of walks and don't want your baby to burn while he's sleeping in the stroller, this may be a good product for you! It's available in 17 different color combinations.

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September 13, 2007



The TykeLight is a fully rechargeable, portable night-light. It can go with your child on her way to the bathroom, or under the covers, or outside in the tent. With its soft glow feature, you can use it to check on your little one at night, without disturbing her. A third mode is gentle sleep, which is a 15 minute dimmer that automatically turns the night-light off, hopefully after your child has fallen asleep. Fully charged, the light will run for 10 hours, and if there is a power outage at night, it will automatically turn itself on. The TykeLight is available in blue, orange, green, pink, yellow, and lavender.

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Bucket of Burpies


This would make a great gift for a new mom. The Bucket of Burpies is a reusable pail with three large and thick burp cloths inside. There's a bunch of fun prints available, which is a lot more fun than your every day white burp cloths.

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September 12, 2007

Review: Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles


We received an advanced copy of Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles here at Super Cool Baby. Published by Immedium, Julie Black Belt is the story of a young girl who takes up Kung Fu lessons. Familiar only with the faced-paced life outside the training room, Julie wants results right away. Julie is unsatisfied that she remains a white belt — the lowest level — she wants to have a black belt. Progress does not come easily, and Julie quickly becomes discouraged. Finally, Julie learns that only through perseverance, hard work, and dedication will she earn a more colorful belt.

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Hand-Made Wicker Cradle


I'm not usually the biggest fan of wicker, but the Hand-Made Wicker Cradle is just gorgeous! It includes a pure wool mattress, the base stand, and the linen lining, and it's made in Italy. If you want a truly stylish (and expensive) nursery, this is one item that is a must!

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September 11, 2007

Review: Happy Panda Baby Plus a Discount


Happy Panda Baby is a children's clothing boutique that specializes in larger babies. Before I gave birth, I had heard that baby clothing sizes never matched up with the actual age of the child, but having given birth to a large child myself (although not super large at birth, he's now 97th percentile in height and weight), I have certainly seen that first hand. What Happy Panda does is not only match up the size with age, but they make sure that their clothes fit the child correctly, understanding that a large baby has different proportions than an older toddler and that the shape of the clothes should therefore also be different.

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Prpl Nrpl Apparel


In the mood for some unusual clothing for your baby? Well, a new company, Prpl Nrpl, is out to satisfy your desires. Billing themselves as Apparel with a twist of wit, Prpl Nrpl has created onesies and t-shirts with funny and irreverent designs. I love Reporting for Doodie (pictured above), but there are a lot of other great shirts too. Like Milk, Milk, Lemonade, 'Round the Corner ..., and Made in Vagina (although you certainly wouldn't catch Anderson out with a shirt like that!). The shirts are all made from 100% cotton, and Prpl Nrpl offers sizes from 3-6 months up to 6T.

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New Mom Delivery Set


A great idea for the no nonsense mom that wants to do all her shopping at once is the New Mom Delivery Set from Nikki Chris. This newborn kit has everything a new mom will need, including a 20 piece layette set, organic toiletries, blankets, burp cloths, a bib, a garmet bag, baby record organizer, and tons more. If you are a mom that doesn't want the hassle of buying all this stuff yourself or won't be having a baby shower where you'll receive it, this is for you!

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September 10, 2007

Review: Harold Hound Deluxe Playmat and Gym


We received a Harold Hound Deluxe Playmat and Gym when Anderson was very young. Made by Mamas & Papas, it provides a soft and comfortable place for you to put your newborn, as well as provides some stimulating textures and activities that many babies love.

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Soaring Seagulls Mobile


I've really been falling in love with simple mobiles lately. I think that less is more for them, so the Soaring Seagulls Mobile fits perfectly with me. It is a simple white, has a few seagulls but not too many to make it complex, and it would fit in perfectly with a modern nursery, either above the crib or changing station.

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September 7, 2007

Tap-tap Mother Hen by Djeco


Andy's recently discovered that he loves to pound things. He's quite happy to slam him hands on whatever is in front of him, but when given something to use like a wooden spoon, he is even happier. The Tap-tap Mother Hen from Djeco would be perfect for any other children who are the same. The hammer can be used to tap the eggs through the holes and then they'll come out of the whole, where the chicken will lay them. A bell will wring each time too. The rubber rings in the holes can also be removed so if your baby is a little young for pounding with a hammer, they can just drop the balls in.

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Block and Tackle by Haba


Here's a great toy for the future engineer in your family: Block and Tackle by Haba. This pulley system reduces the weight load by four times, making it easy to lift heavy objects (up to 350 pounds, but if your toddler weighs 87.5 pounds then we've got some nice exercise toys over here for you ...). You can attach the block and tackle to ceilings or trees with the included tension belt. This would be perfect for a loft of a tree house — use it to bring up those heavy items, and have fun doing it!

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Caboose Travel Potty


A big story recently that I've seen all over the place involves parents who potty train their children from birth. I haven't been paying too close attention to this and what people are thinking about it, but I did hear a lot of disgust about one parent allowing their child to use a sink as a toilet. Talk about unsanitary for everyone else! If you are potty training your child of any age and need to leave the house or be away from a toilet for a long period of time, the Caboose Travel Potty is definitely one to consider, assuming you aren't against diapers. This potty has a place for you to secure a diaper inside so that when your child is done, you simply take the diaper out and wrap it up as you normally do. It seems really easy to use, would require little clean up, and would be easy to keep in the car. Watch a 10 second video on their website to see how easy it is to use. And let us know how it works if you do buy it, we think it'd be great for any family with a toddler.

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September 6, 2007

Review: Linking Letters by Sassy


Sometimes it's the simple, inexpensive toys that babies love the most. For Andy, one of his ultimate favorites is the Linking Letters by Sassy. We bought them at first to hang from his play gyms. It was between them and simple rings, and we thought between the different shapes, colors, and textures these would be better. They've been more than just an accessory to a better toy though. They are still an important toy to him. He has loved the colors (yellow H has been his favorite), and he has pulled them apart, put them together, put them in and out of their bag, and most recently thrown them into his pack n play one by one. I also spell words out for him too, although he's still too young to understand. But that's another great use for them as he gets older.

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Star Wars Onesies


You can find just about everything on etsy these days. Like these awesome Star Wars themed onesies and t-shirts. You can get Darth Vader, and Luke and Leia (perfect for twins!). The onsies are available from 3-6 months to 2-3 years. And they're available in short and long sleeve versions as well. The t-shirts are available in sizes from 2T all the way up to 8T.

via Rare Bird Finds

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Flying Carpet Rug


The Flying Carpet Rug isn't cheap, but if you have the money to spend, I think it'd be so much fun for a playroom. Made from 100% wool, it's handmade, hand loomed, and is 1.7 feet high at its tallest point. Your child could lean against it to read or watch tv or use it to explore their imagination.

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September 5, 2007

Review: Dandelion Swing Set


Super Cool Baby was recently sent the Dandelion Swing Set at KooKoo Bears to review. We were certainly excited because it's a really cute outfit! One of our friends has a girl that would fit it perfectly, so they are helping us write this and tell you what we think!

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Maclaren Rocker Bouncer


We found our infant seat to be absolutely indispensible when Anderson was just born. It was one of the few places we could put him down and not have him start instantly wailing. The Maclaren Rocker Bouncer seems like a nicer version of what he had. It can convert from a rocker into a stationary chair, and can even fold up for extra portability. The seat is adjustable of course, and the toy bar and canopy are both removable. And what infant seat would be complete without the battery powered "soothing vibration"? The seat is available in coffee / pink as pictured above, and blue.

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Cherries Blanket


Andy has a ton of baby blankets, but he doesn't have a quilt. I still have the quilt I had as a baby, so I wish he had one too. The Cherries Blanket might be a little too girly for him, but it'd be perfect if you have a baby girl or know someone else who is having one. It has a bunch of cute fabrics that are colorful and fun as well as lots of different textures. There's also pink bows at each corner!

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September 4, 2007

Child Aprons from Bloom Works


I've been on a bit of an apron kick lately, which is a joke because I am about as good of a cook as Andy would be if we allowed him full reign of the kitchen. If you want your little girl to wear a cute apron just like mommy or daddy, there are some beautiful ones over at Aprons by Bloom Works. My favorite is the Scandinavian Linen Half Apron For Little Girls, but all of them are super cute. Make sure to check out the other items for sale too, there are some really cute prints for bibs, bags, and more.

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Review: The Girlfriend's Guide to Bay Gear


I'm sure I wasn't the first person to get pregnant not knowing a thing about babies and what they gear they needed. I knew I wanted to have a baby, but once I finally succumbed to pressure and started my registry, I realized that I didn't have a clue about what I should buy, what would be a waste of my money, what was safe and what could potentially harm my baby, etc. I had no clue. So what I did was run to my nearest bookstore and see what was there that could help me. Low and behold, I discovered The Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear by Vicki Iovine. Having worked in said bookstore in the past, I was aware of the very popular The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and had actually read it during my break times before deciding to try for a baby. I loved it as it was hysterical, and flipping through this book, I thought it looked like it had a lot of good information in it. And it really did too. It has a whole chapter on buying a car seat, lots of good information on what you may want for a stroller and what types are out there, great safety advice that I never would have thought of (such as those car seat mirrors being huge safety hazards in the event of an accident), and opinions on what good brands are. It's also co-authored by Peg Rosen who is an expert about safety with babies. I don't have the book anymore as I passed it along to my cousin when she became pregnant, but it's a must read for any first time mom. Use it when you make your registry and for all baby purchases you make for your little one, it'll be a huge help.

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New products coming soon from Boon


Boon is one of our favorite baby gear companies. We've written about their Bath Goods, Frog Pod, Flo, Animal Bags, and the Flair high chairs. Not only does the stuff they make work, but their designs are stylishly modern. Well, they've got a bumper crop of new products out, and they're branching into some new areas as well.

For feeding, we've got the Squirt, a spoon that dispenses its own food from a reservoir inside the handle; Fluid, a new take on a spill proof toddler cup; Catch Bowl, a suction-bottomed bowl with a large food catch to help keep things clean; Snack Ball, a fun take on a snack container you can stash in your diaper bag; Benders and ModWare, a set of toddler friendly utensils; finally Groovy, a set of interlocking plates and bowls. I definitely dig the idea behind Squirt, and we could use a set of Benders, and Groovy here at Super Cool Baby.

Boon is also debuting a new line of baby jewelry. Its all made from sterling silver, and features playful designs that are appropriate for both boys and girls. I'm not too sure we could get Anderson to wear one of these, he hated the wrist rattles that we tried a long time ago, and we haven't really tried anything since.

Boon is also introducing a new line of clothing called Boon Layette, appropriately enough. These aren't just your standard onesies — they're packed with some neat features that i've never seen before. There are hidden snaps for attaching bibs, a drool patch that attaches with a hidden Velcro fastener (Anderson always used to soak the front of his onesies, so I definitely see the need for this), and the footsies have a neat snapless design.

Most of these products will be available in October, and some next spring. So be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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Kate Quinn Organics


There are a lot of organic clothing companies out there we realize. How do you choose which one to buy from? We usually go by word of mouth, but when we saw the website for Kate Quinn Organics, we knew we liked them. They first won me over by their pretty site and graphics, but when we saw the Puff Sleeve Tee, we fell in love. They have a ton of clothes that I wish I owned myself (although soon they'll be selling women's clothes too)! Everything is available in beautiful colors, there's a lot of contrast banding that we just adore, and there's a ton of different styles available. Also check out their bedding and bath products too!

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September 1, 2007

Monthly Round Up-August

We've had a great time this August finding some neat baby products. Here's a quick look back!

Baby Garden in a Bag

Bath Time
Shampoo Rinse Cup

Birthdays and Holidays
Birthday Hats

Ku Ku Bird Security Blankie from Kushies

3-D Activity Book by Tiny Love

Clothing and Accessories
Little Fiori
Learning Tees
Hangin with my Gnomies
New Glug Baby Clothing at Black Wagon
Piggy Hat
New at Threadless
Haba Trapper Bag
Fort Cloudy
Tie Dye Baby Ruffle Dress
Rosalie Apron by Haba
Sandbox Threads
Stuck on You
MeMo Inc.

Diapering and Diaper Bags
Wipes Case
Kate Bowler Diaper Bag by Caden Lane

Fresco Hi-Chair
Plane Spoon
Computer Code in Crashed - Chenille Baby Bib
Ant Bib
Hi-Chair Bib
Monster Cups
Messy Mats

notNeutral Tetra 1 Collection

General News
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Controversy

Playspot by Skip Hop
Clothes Tree
Simple Silhouettes

Parenting Websites

Play Gyms
Sunshine Kids Wheely Mates Tunnel Gym
Baby Bear Mat

Potty Training
Peter Potty

Jill Maternity Tank Top

Phonics for Babies
Slick Sugar
B Nature Organic Clothing
Siente: Night Songs from Around the World
Babysitter PlaceTile

Child Minder System

Slings and Carriers
Carrier Cover by Brooks Pond

Sports Stroller by Phil and Ted
Bugaboo Bee

Stuffed Animals
Time's Up/Time Out
Slumber Bear with Silkie

Creanimaux Farm from Djeco
Magnet Mates by Tiny Love
Flute by Sevi
Birdie Plush Wrist Rattle
Wood Blocks by notNeutral

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