January 31, 2008

Log Rocker at Modernseed


Simple toys are often times the most creative as well as the most pleasing to look at. The Log Rocker at Modernseed is probably the most simple looking rocking "horse" we've ever seen, and we really love that. Your child will be able to use his imagination so that this horse can become almost anything. It's large enough that two children can use it, but one can easily as well.

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January 30, 2008

Inca Kids


We recently learned of a great online store called Inca Kids. This site, which sells fair trade and handmade products, supports unprivileges Peruvian artisans. They sell children's clothes, toys, and products for adults too. Everything is made to order, and most items are made from 100% Alpaca wool or 100% Peruvian cotton. Some of our favorite items from this store include the Chullo (a hat), the Mellisa Sweater, the Arpillera Backpack, the Arpillera Storybook, and their Finger Puppets.

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January 29, 2008

New DVD Releases for the Spring!


There's a couple of DVDs that are coming out today that we've had a chance to see here at Super Cool Baby.

First is Pingu - On Thin Ice. Before this DVD, I'd never really seen Pingu before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Its animated using claymation, and it sort of reminds me of the clay cavemen on Sesame Street. When the penguins talk, it comes out as gibberish, so the focus is really on their activities. Its quite fun, and exciting! This 60 minute DVD contains 8 short episodes, and a DVD-Rom when you insert it into your computer.

Next is Barney: Celebrating Around the world. This Barney DVD contains all-new, never-before-seen-on-TV material which explores diferent types of celebrations from around the world.

Finally, we've got Springtime Fun!. This DVD is a collection of HIT Entertainment favorites including Thomas and Friends, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Fireman Sam, and Kipper. There are an additional 2 bonus episodes including a new creation: Fifi and the Flowertots, and Fuzzbuzz.

These three DVDs are all available today, and make will definitely make for some fun late-winter and early spring watching for your little ones.

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January 28, 2008

Product Recall List at MyThings


I've seen a few recall websites in the past, but nothing compares to the Product Recall List at MyThings. This is the perfect site to look up recalls for your baby products and toys. It's much easier to use than any other site, has pictures accompanying the products that are recalled, and it is updated every day. They also monitor both U.S. and U.K. recall websites. You can register your products on their site, and if one turns up on a recall list, they will send you an email. If recalls are a concern of yours, I highly suggest you check out this great website.

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January 25, 2008

Will Heron Designs


Will Heron Designs is a clothing store that sells for the entire family. We've written about them on Shirt Snob in the past, but we wanted to write about them here as well because we are quite fond of the designs. Each design is a cute little drawing that is simple and yet quite cute. My favorites include Lion, Kid bee, and Penguin.

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January 24, 2008

The Year of the Rat: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac


Another year, and another book in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac. Last year we looked at the Year of the Pig, and this year we have the Year of the Rat.

The Year of the Rat is the story of Ralph the Rat. He's a mischievous little creature who's trying to learn his way in the world. At first, nobody thinks much of him as he gets into trouble learning to be a rat. But then he saves the day for his master and the family, and those bad habits don't seem so horrible anymore. The story teaches the reader to be true to oneself, and eventually others will come around to appreciate you.

The artwork, by Miah Alcorn, is very similar to the other books in this series. It's playful and expressive, and it goes with the story very well. The action in the foreground is easy to follow, and the background illustrations are done in muted colors, so its easy to tell which is which.

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January 23, 2008

Trousselier Globe Lantern Earth


Here's an interesting nursery light! The Globe Lantern Earth from Trousselier Paris is a spinning globe that shines a soft light in the room. It has an Earth pattern, comes with a 40 watt light bulb, and the heat of the bulb spins the insert and shines the pattern onto the glass of the globe. We think it's beautiful! It has an on/off switch, and there is a UK compatible version for those of you over there. Also available are the Globe Lantern Clouds and the Globe Lantern Space.

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January 22, 2008

Review: The Wheels on the Bus: Mango's Big Dog Parade


We were able to get a preview of The Wheels on the Buss: Mango's Big Dog Parade, a new DVD that is coming out today. Roger Daltrey, of The Who voices the bus-driving dragon, Argon in this 33 minute adventure made for children ages two to four.

This DVD focuses on themes that teach children basic skills of cooperation, good behavior and manners that will (hopefully) last a lifetime. We see these themes in the four adventures on this DVD. There's a trip to an insect filled jungle, a peppy sing-filled tune-up at Joe's Garage. The gang gets lost in a fairy-filled enchanted forest before finally finding their way back to the Big Dog Parade. Along the way, Roger Daltrey as Argon sing many different variations of "the Wheels on the Bus," as well as 4 original songs by composer Laura Hall.

Also on the DVD, a short behind-the-scenes video and a lyrics sheet. This is the third title of "The Wheels on the Bus" series. You can also get Mango's Animal Adventure, and Mango Helps the Moon Mouse.

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January 21, 2008

Alex & Jett


Alex & Jett is a t-shirt company for children that customizes all of their shirts. We love the idea! They have a bunch of different designs from tractors and robots to lollipops and flowers. All are adorable. They usually have a few different colors to choose from, and each is available in both long and short sleeved varieties. If you like personalized clothing, this is definitely a site for you!

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January 18, 2008

Skip Hop Diaper Toolbox - Make a Diaper Changing Station Anywhere


It occurred to me the other day that it would be really useful to have a diaper changing station downstairs instead of having to trudge all the way up stairs for each change. This Diaper Toolbox by Skip Hop would be an ideal solution. The caddy holds a dozen diapers, and the side pockets and drawers hold ointments, creams and other necessities that you keep close at hand. The handle makes it easy to carry around with you, wherever you need to change a diaper. The only thing I'm not sure about: where do you keep the wipes?

If you use the coupon code FILLY10 at checkout, you'll get 10% off your entire order at Modernseed!

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January 17, 2008

Flower Felt Hair Clips


While I'm quite happy to have a boy, I long for a girl when I see cute things like these Flower Felt Hair Clips. They are just too adorable! They come in a pack of three, one in each color shown in the picture, and they have a metal clip underneath.

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January 16, 2008

Rolling Shape Sorter


Andy never really got the hang of shape sorters, but like many babies he certainly loves things that make noise. He would get a real kick out of this Rolling Shape Sorter. Your toddler will puzzle over how the blocks get in and out, and will love rolling and chasing the clackety-clacking toy. And best of all, it's on sale right now!

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January 15, 2008

New Harajuku Lovers at Babesta


Babesta, one of our favorite online shops, just got a new shipment of Harajuku Lovers onesies, tees and hoodies. If you are a fan of Gwen Stefani's children's clothing line, go check it out!

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January 14, 2008

Step 2 Water Wheel Play Table - Lots of Outdoor Fun


In our part of the country, it's going to start warming up in a few weeks and we'll be looking for fun activities to do outside again. This water table from Step 2 would make a great toy for hours of imaginative and fun outdoor play. It's got a waterwheel to create falling water and two separate sections that function as canals, moats or lakes. A cup and two toy boats are also included. The durable all-plastic construction means this toy is suitable to leave outside in all weather, I'd just leave it out of the sun so it doesn't discolor or become brittle.

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January 11, 2008

Presidential Onesies


I knew from the instant that Andy was born that he was super smart and would do great things in his lifetime. I'm sure other parents think the same thing about their babies. Why not tell the entire world with the Presidential Onesies at Miss Wit. Your baby is too young to feel the pressure of being a future president, so they are just cute fun! There are a few different designs that you can choose from, and obviously they are personalized just for your baby. Makes a great gift for a new baby too.

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January 10, 2008

Sand and Water Trowel


This looks like a great little toy for the sandbox or beach. This Sand and Water Trowel has a shovel on one end and a scoop on the other. It's perfect for digging holes and trenches, as well as fetching water. And at only $4, it's a perfect addition to every beach bag.

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January 9, 2008

Penny & Maude


Penny and Maude is a children's clothing store that has some of the cutest designs that we have ever seen. Their front page shows their Big Heart tee, which would be perfect for Valentine's Day. But check out all of their designs. Although it's hard to choose, some of my favorites include Bird Tree, Owl Love, and Genius.

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January 8, 2008

Magnetic Messenger Announcements


Want to send a keepsake with your birth announcement? Well, with an announcement from Magnetic Messenger, the announcement is the keepsake. Each announcement is printed on 3.75"x5.75" cardstock and is backed with a magnet. It's perfect for sticking on the refrigerator, where people will actually see it! Magnetic Messenger also offers a variety of announcements for baby showers, save the date wedding announcements, birthday party invitations, and christening invitations. Magnetic Messengers may not have the variety of other companies, but they make up for that with a selection of unique announcements like the newest flavor announcement pictured above.

Thanks to Tricia S, from Tampa, FL for sending this in!

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January 7, 2008

Monster Pals Finger Puppets


We drove over 800 miles to visit family for Thanksgiving, and like many families, we were not sure what to bring with us to keep Andy occupied. We realized that we had few toys that were easily packed into my diaper bag. A quick trip to our local chain toy store made me realize there isn't much out there that I could buy to bring along with us. Had I planned ahead, I think that something like the Monster Pals Finger Puppets would have been ideal. They are small and can be brought anywhere. If he needed entertainment in the car, at a restaurant, or anywhere else, I could have pulled these out and easily kept him happy. Plus, finger puppets are easier on my hand than hand puppets, which always cause strain after only a few minutes. Also available are the Farm Friends Finger Puppets.

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January 4, 2008

Construction Utensil Set


Anderson got some construction equipment toys this past Christmas and he seems to like them a lot. I bet he'd love this construction utensil set. It's comprised of a bulldozer pusher (to push those last few peas on to your fork), a fork lift, and a front-loader spoon. The easy grip handles are textured, allowing small hands to grasp easily. And best of all, they're dishwasher safe.

via Rare Bird Finds

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January 3, 2008

Jumbo Wood Pull Toy Train


For the baby that loves stacking toys, the Jumbo Wood Pull Toy Train is a great idea. As he gets older, he can learn to use the train for imaginary play. It's made of all wood parts, has three train cars, and there are 18 colorful blocks.

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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! We'll be back tomorrow with more great baby finds here at Super Cool Baby!

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Monthly Round Up - December

December was a busy month for us at Super Cool Baby. Here's a look back at all our great finds!

Birthdays and Holidays
Birthday Bibs
Last Minute Gift Cards

We Love Baby Photo Puzzle
Baby Einstein Discover & Play Teether Book
Kwanzaa Books
Christmas Books

Chairs and Bouncers
BB2 Rocker
Pirate Rocking Boat
Kaboost Portable Chair Booster

The Baby Bunch
Christmas Dresses
Hoodsies at Threadless

Tip 'n Sip

WallCandy Chalkboard Tree
Twilight Lady Bug
Wisest Owls Mobile

Parenting Websites
Pregnancy Survey

Play Gyms
Ladybug Play Mat by Latitude Enfant
Sit Me Up Cozy
Rainforest Fabric Pat Mat

Learning Puppy
Diaper Cake Walk
Practical Wisdom for Parents: Demystifying the Preschool Years
Stories from Around the World
Fisher Price Baby Gymtastics Bounce and Spin Zebra
Enchanting Christmas Stories

Baby B'Air Infant Flight Vest

Slings and Carriers
The Ramalama Infant Carrier

Phil & Ted's Sport Buggy
Car & Stroller Snack Tray
UPPA Baby Vista Stroller

Stuffed Animals
Fun Ice Teether Babies
Cream Lamb Sleepy Cuddler

Big Sister and Brother Kits
Classic Metal Speedster
Miracles & Milestones Select-a-Show Soother
Linko™ Clip-Together Teethers + Toys
Skuut Walking Bike
Battery-Powered Around-The-Tree Train Set
Busy Gears
Pull-Along Cricket
Super Spiral Play Tower
Rattle Ring Zmooz from Keptin Jr
Plasma Car
Musical Fingerpaint
Frog Bead Maze
NooBoo Pound a Sound
Moving Elephant from Plan Toys
Little Superstar Sing Along Stage
Play N Ride Train
Baby's First Sports Bag
Kringle Sled
Bambino Pull Sled
Moulin Roty Ride-On Truck
Red Bus by Bajo
Snail Slider Grasping Toy by Melissa & Doug
3D Wooden Nativity Set Puzzle
LeapFrog Brightlings™ Exploration Station
Music in Motion Roller Coaster
Whirly Bounce Rider

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