April 30, 2009

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center


My middle son was by far the most difficult to get to sleep. My husband eventually became used to the midnight trips in the car but I just never warmed up to the idea. We tried putting him in his seat on the clothes dryer while it was running, but I was terrified the seat would jiggle off the top. Nothing seemed to work. I would have loved to try the Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center. It has everything a newborn needs to feel safe and calm. There is a swaddling blanket to keep your baby warm. The vibrating feature gives your baby the feeling of safety similar to the womb. That's less dangerous than the clothes dryer!! Once your baby is settled down, both you and your baby can enjoy the Sweetpeace.

See also newborn sleep.

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April 29, 2009

Dwell Studio Soft Blocks - set of 6


Who said, "It's not easy being green?" Your baby can have fun with great toys that are made with materials that are safe for your baby and the environment. These soft blocks make sound and include a variety of textures designed to encourage your baby's growth and help them meet their developmental milestones. During play, you can point out the letters and numbers to create a foundation for learning as your baby moves through these stages. These blocks are also completely machine washable which is great for a busy parent. Who wouldn't want to "go green" with toys like this to play with?

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April 28, 2009

Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Swing in Red


In our backyard, the swing set is a gathering place for all of my kids and their friends. That's why I love this swing. I couldn't wait to hang one up for my baby so we could all play together in the yard. It's so helpful that I can entertain my baby while also spending time with my other kids. This Fisher-Price Swing has a 3 point harness to keep your baby safe and a snack tray for when you might need a break from all that pushing. The swing can accommodate a child from 6 months of age to 3 years old so you can be sure that you will have plenty of time to create some important family memories.

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April 27, 2009

Sassy Me In The Mirror


The sound of your baby cooing and babbling makes you smile. But at 6:30 in the morning that sound might also make you mumble, "Ugh, just a few more minutes." Buy yourself some extra time with the Sassy Me in the Mirror. Babies love looking at themselves and the bright colored tags, and teethers will also keep your little angel happy while you catch valuable extra Zzs. When it's time for floor play just unstrap it and lay it down. You can even take it in the car. In this economy, you'll be glad you have a toy with such versatility.

See also: Crib toys.

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April 24, 2009

Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System - Fuego


These travel systems have improved so much over the years. Early combination sets were heavy and difficult to maneuver. The Chicco Cortina Travel System provides safety and comfort for your baby. The car seat is a Consumer Reports best pick and is now rated for up to 30 pounds. You can also clip it into the carriage, making an easy transition for you from the car to your destination. As your baby grows, just leave the car seat in the car and use the stroller. Ample storage in the bottom makes toting diaper bags and toys a breeze. At last, you've found the travel system you have been searching for.

See also: Travel systems

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April 23, 2009

Fabulously Fit Moms - The New Mom Workout


You found out you were pregnant; you were thrilled. You took your vitamins, ate the right foods and got plenty of rest. Now you have a precious baby. Now what? You feel tired and you're lucky to grab a sandwich between diaper changes and there's a few extra pounds around the middle. It may seem impossible, but the best thing for you and your baby is for you to stay strong. But you'll need help. Fabulously Fit Moms can help you get there. Get started with exercises like "Kiss the Baby" and "Baby Sit-ups" you'll be back in shape before you know it.

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April 22, 2009

Diaper Dude Gray Diaper Bag


Don't forget Dad! There are so many cute and cuddly diaper bags on the market for moms and babies. Well, maybe dad doesn't want to be seen at the mall carrying a pink ruffled diaper bag covered in butterflies and teddy bears. Diaper Dude bags are perfect for the devoted dad who is also a man's man on the go. This bag has all the same convenient features of other bags. There are three exterior pockets for easy access to wipes and food. On the back there are two elastic pockets useful for carrying toys and it is padded for comfort against your body. The strap is adjustable for sizing as well. Any dad would be proud to be seen with this bag.

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April 21, 2009

Wet Happened? TM wet bag


Ooops! What do you do when your baby's diaper leaks when you're not home or maybe gets a little car sick? Maybe you're just spending a day at the pool and need to store the wet bathing suit in a dry place. Dumping soiled clothes in an old plastic grocery bag can be unsanitary and help spread germs. Wet happened Wet Bags is a great way to store soiled clothes in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly way. When you get home, you can just throw everything in the washer, even the wet bag!! It's completely machine washable and then just tumble dry low. Click on the link for the different designs. You'll definitely find one to match your style.

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April 20, 2009

What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby


Expecting your first baby is exciting. Expecting the second or third can be overwhelming. You can just imagine how an older brother or sister might feel. Can you say...sibling issues? What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby can help your child understand how things will change when the new little baby comes home. Angus, the Answer Dog, is able to explain the changes in a simple straightforward way that will put your young child at ease. Also, at 32 pages, the book is just the right length to keep your child interested. Before you know it, you can turn the big brother or sister into your happy little helper.

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April 17, 2009



It's never to early to start reading to your baby. Reading Woof Woof is a great way introduce your baby to words and images. The black and white colors combined with the sound of your voice will naturally draw your baby's attention. The foam pages are a little more forgiving of little teeth that might be chewing on the book too. As your baby grows, you can use the images to teach him about the animals inside. Woof Woof is a book that you and your baby can enjoy for years to come.

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April 16, 2009

Mommy & Me Lavender Gift Basket - Cashmere Bunny


Don't forget Mother's Day is May 10th. Help your favorite new mom celebrate by giving her everything she needs to keep herself pampered. This Mommy and Me gift basket includes body wash, body lotion and even spa slippers for the new mom. For baby, the basket includes a cashmere teddy bear, personalized bib and an outfit for a boy or a girl. This gift will be a memorable one for years to come.

See Mother's Day gifts.

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April 15, 2009

Caden Lane Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping Cart Cover.jpg

It can be a tough world out there and sometimes it's what you don't see that can be a harm to your baby. That's why these shopping cart covers are so important. These were just starting to hit the market after I could have used it for my now 6 six old. Things change so quickly. Now its mandatory gear for every new mom. This Caden Lane cover comes in 5 patterns and has clips to hold onto toys. A seatbelt is also attached. And don't forget those snacks. There are little pockets for treats to keep your little one happy while you get the shopping done.

See also shopping cart covers.

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April 14, 2009

Organic Bamboo Infants One Piece


Going green? Most people are trying to incorporate environmentally friendly habits into their lifestyle. This Organic Bamboo Infant One Piece is a great way to take this trend right into your baby's closet. Earth Day is right around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate than to dress your baby in this adorable and humorous organic bamboo onesie. Organic bamboo feels like silk and absorbs water four times faster than cotton. It's also one of the world's most sustainable resources. You can take care of your baby an the Earth at the same time. Now that's planning for the future.

See Organic clothes.

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April 13, 2009

Angel Wings Metro Wrap in Savannah Rose


Baby carriers have come a long way since the days of carrying your little one on your back like cargo. Imagine a baby carrier that keeps your baby close to you, snuggled up tight and it looks good!! That's the best way to describe the Angel Wings Metro Wrap. It's practical too. You can throw it in the washing machine and dryer whenever it gets dirty. And who can resist those little angel wings on the back? So sweet.

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April 10, 2009

Elephant Party Mobile


Move over stuffed bears!! This mobile is so new century. Thanks to the multiple colors, this mobile can fit neatly into the decor of any nursery. Babies will love the bright colors and whimsical shapes. Parents, you will love it because it can even transition to the decor of a little boy's room or little girl's room once your baby has outgrown their crib. Who wouldn't want to come to this elephant party?

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April 8, 2009

Les Deglingos Discovery Nonos the Dog

discovery-nonos-dog-lg.jpgI love this toy. There are so many ways to use it to keep your baby occupied and happy. Nonos the dog's legs are filled with crinkly paper to keep your little ones interest. There is also a pull tab feature that causes part of the toy to vibrate. The teething section completes the sensory experience. It's like getting three toys in one. These toys were always useful when we were traveling with the kids or just changing diapers. If you have a baby, it always helps to have a toy like this within arm's reach, because you never know when you just might need it.

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Baby Buzz'r


In recognition of Autism Awareness month, I thought I would post about the Baby Buzz'r. These sensory toys are popping up all over the place for babies of all levels of ability. This infant toy vibrates, has blinking lights, plays classical music and has textured teething surfaces and a smiley face. Any infant will love the interaction provided by this toy. It's parent-inspired too. It was invented by a physician to calm his own fussy baby. Any parent can relate to that!

See also: Sensory toys

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April 6, 2009

Summer Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 2.5" Screen


A dirty little secret about being a parent: You lose sleep when they cry in their crib, you lose sleep when they don't. You just lay there wondering, "What's going on in there?" Or maybe it's just me. The Summer Infant Deluxe Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor can help you get a decent night sleep when your baby does too. The nine built-in infrared LEDs permit the camera to view clear images within a distance of up to six feet in total darkness. This night vision feature is a way great to give you piece of mind. Also, it's portable and wireless so you can take it with you outside during the day. It's a great way to multi-task. You can keep an eye on the baby and get that yard work done!! That's a feature any parent can appreciate.

See more in Baby Monitors.

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Trumpette Socks: Mary Janes in Pastels


As a mom of three boys, all I can say is...Awwww how cute! These Mary Jane socks by Trumpette dress up your little one while keeping her feet nice and toasty. And what girl doesn't appreciate a good pair of shoes???

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April 2, 2009

Fisher-Price Rain Forest Jumperoo


We all love to hold and cuddle our little babies, but let's face it-sometimes you need two hands. The dinner isn't going to cook itself, right? So if you have to put the baby down, do it in the Fisher-Price Rain Forest Jumperoo. It is safe, fun, colorful and a great way to keep your little one happy while you manage to get a few things done around the house. You'll both love the break!

See more in: Jumpers, Bouncing

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Graco LiteRider Stroller


A lightweight, easy-to-use stroller is so helpful when you are pulling it in and out of the trunk all the time.
The Graco LiteRider comes in 4 different colors and patterns so you are sure to find one that you like and your little one can grow with. Graco products are so easy to use. I even traded up to one myself when we were ready for a new one. It was so easy to steer too, my older kids wanted to push it around.

See more in Strollers, Light-weight

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April 1, 2009

AB/CD infant and toddler shirts

duds_tt_abcd_black_lg.jpgNot quite ready to grow up yet? Me either. But just because you're a mom doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor, no matter what your kids say. So give your baby an edgy look with a take on an old classic. This AB/CD infant and toddler shirt will make you laugh while your baby sports a cool attitude.

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SuperGoop SPF 30 Sunsreen for Kids


Laura, thanks for the introduction! I am excited to be writing for SuperCoolBaby. Since I have 3 small children, I am always looking for cool stuff and I can't wait to share them with other parents. So here we go.

Just in time for the summer! SuperGoop Sunscreen is designed especially for kids, but comes in a mom-friendly and airline-friendly travel case. So if you are just going to the pool or to a far away beach you can be sure to get there with your sunscreen just where you left it. Even better, it comes with 3 tubes to last you all summer long. At $29.99, that's about what you would pay for any of the drug store brands and you can't bring those on a plane. The sunscreen is light and has a certified organic aloe vera base. It also contains vitamins A,C & E, which is perfect for young delicate skin.

At Super Sun Screen Etc.

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