December 31, 2010

Combo Pack of 40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Early Pregnancy Tests


New year, new beginnings. If starting or expanding your family is one of your New Year's Resolutions, then you are going to need the right tools to get started. These ovulation tests allow you to pinpoint when ovulation occurs - the time you're most likely to conceive. They are FDA-approved and will provide quick 5 minute results. The Value Pack of 40 Ovulation Tests and 10 Earliest Detection Pregnancy Tests will keep you well stocked for a while, but with any luck, you won't need them all.

See pregnancy tests, ovulation tests.

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December 31, 2010

Frenchie Tuxedo Bib, Black


Have you ever had an occasion when you had to "dress for dinner?" Well, now you can include your infant. This tuxedo themed bib is a hilarious approach to dining with an infant, which of course, is anything but formal. It is made of extra thick plush material and has a velcro fastener. The only question is can you feed your baby without laughing too hard.

See infant bibs.

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December 28, 2010

Kids Fleece Blanket and Pillowcase


Baby it's cold outside! I believe you can never have enough blankets. I have tons of them and so do my kids. This is a great blanket and pillowcase set that will definitely keep you little one toasty. They are available in two sizes: Toddler (38"W x 44"L) and Kids (45"W x 60"L). You can even personalize them to make them extra special.

See personalized blankets, free shipping.

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December 28, 2010

Kids 3-in-1 Activity Gym


A big part of our country is buried under several feet of snow. In some places, it's too cold to go out and enjoy it. That's a shame because that usually means one thing: CABIN FEVER! I'm not sure who is bothered more by cabin fever, children or parents. If you need some relief for yourself or your child, you might want to invest in an indoor play set. Consider it an investment in your sanity. This set has a swing, a slide and a ball pit. Kids of all ages love ball pits and you can be sure this one isn't swimming with germs since its in your house. Best of all, there's free shipping on orders over $85. Bring on the snow!

See play sets, ball pits, indoor fun.

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December 27, 2010

Kids Toy Vet Kit with Plush Dog


Are you the type of parent that is always on the hunt for a deal? Then these January clearance sales are just for you. This toy vet kit is a perfect way to encourage imaginary play. This kit includes play medical instruments: stethoscope, thermometer, needle, and more. There's also a plush Dalmatian patient. It's great practice for your little animal lover in training.

See January clearance, toy vet kit.

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December 24, 2010

Track Santa's Voyage


Ho, ho, ho! It's the big night. Santa's elves have packed his sleigh and he's on his way. If you have a toddler or young child in your house, you can track his voyage around the world. Visit to see how close Santa is to your house. There are also fun games to play and stories about how children celebrate Christmas across the globe. Your family can add this website to you family's traditions for years to come.

See Santa's Voyage, NORAD.

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December 23, 2010

Spa-Therapy Kit Stress Relief


These last few weeks so many parents have been focused on preparing for the holidays. For some, this is the home stretch. For others, maybe your big holiday has already passed. In any case, it is important for all of us to take care of ourselves, so we can take care of the ones who depend on us. Buy yourself a gift this time. This Spa Therapy Kit has a soothing lavender scent and includes soap, massage oil, and bath salts. Get your favorite magazine and hit the bath for some alone time. You will be glad you did when the whole ride starts again the next day.

See spa gifts.

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December 22, 2010

Dandelion Classic Organic Toy Rattle


Effective teethers don't have to be hard plastic or mushy plastic with a mystery substance inside. This organic toy rattle is made of soft waffle weave fabric that is comfortable for your baby to hold and safe to put in his mouth. This teether does double duty as it encourages hand eye-coordination and teaches cause and effect to your little one. The best part though, is it's earth friendly too!

See organic teethers.

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December 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas....

Wait..what? That's not how the song goes! If you are one of the many people who love that classic Christmas Carol, good for you. It is a great tune. However, there is a new way to look at Christmas. Take a step back and think about ways to enjoy the holiday season without all the excesses we have become accustomed to.

According to the EPA, 40% of all batteries are purchased during the holiday season. Get back to basics with a simple green toy like these puppets from the global exchange fair trade store. Puppets are a great way to bond with your child during story telling and you will also be encouraging imaginative play as well. They are 100% non-dyed, natural alpaca and a great gift for children 2 and up. Don't worry about clean up, they are 100% machine washable. When you purchase these adorable puppets you will be supporting Fair Trade practices that provide jobs for women in the Andes of Peru.


Is there a child on your list that loves animals? Instead of purchasing a stuffed animal that will sit on a shelf, adopt an octopus. Yes, adopt an octopus.


No you don't have to feed this one or clean its tank. But you can preserve its habitat with a simple $35 donation to You will be helping the earth's oceans and teaching your child about the importance of taking care of the other creatures who also share this planet.

If these ideas are not quite your style, you can still be eco friendly and have a gift to place under the tree. This 100% Organic Cotton Stuffed Multi Fruit Tote is also cleverly filled with organic fruits! It is colorful and fun to play with while providing a tool to teach your child about the value of organic fruits and vegetables. It is a healthy food choice and earth friendly as well.


These options show a wide variety of choices for a Green Christmas. White Christmases are fun too. The good news is that as we celebrate green Christmases, we can be sure to have many White Christmases for years to come.

See Earth friendly Christmas, green Christmas ideas, green gifts.

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December 20, 2010

Home Safety Stove Guard


It's hard to believe, but the holiday season will soon be a memory. Presents will be wrapped and guests will arrive. Did you ever notice that there always seems to be more toddlers than there are adults who can keep an eye on them? Help yourself by childproofing your house as much as possible. Protect your child from burns with this Home Safety Stove Guard to prevent curious little fingers from pulling hot pots off the stove or creating spills. You can keep it in place using the adhesive provided. It is easily removed for cleaning. It's no substitute for watchful supervision, but at least you can deter your little one from reaching out for a hot pot.

See stove safety, burn prevention.

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December 17, 2010

IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks


Babies first blocks are a milestone of sorts. It means your child has the motor development to create towers and knock them down and hold multiple objects in his hand. IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks are a great set to help your baby get started on these tasks. They are colorful, soft and have multiple textures to keep your baby interested. Some of them even have little bells or make little crinkly noises. You will love getting on the floor with your little one and bonding over these blocks.

See reduced shipping, building blocks, infant toys.

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December 16, 2010

SnowBaller, 20% off shipping


There is hardly a region of the country that has not been impacted by this cold blast of winter. If you are among the many who enjoy this kind of weather than you need to have the right tools to play outside. This SnowBaller was invented by a dad who wanted to help his sons create the perfect snow ball. As a parent, you will appreciate the best feature of this toy, snowballs disperse on contact which prevents injuries that can be caused by hand packed snow balls.

See: snow balls, outdoor snow toys, 20% off shipping.

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December 15, 2010

Barbie Fashion Fairytale Palace


This is one of those gifts that looks great all put together and sitting under the Christmas tree. Of course, that usually means mommy and daddy will be up late on Christmas Eve making it happen. The smile on your little girl's face makes it all worth while. This Barbie Palace will help all your little girl's fashion dreams come true. Barbie and all her friends can arrive on the pink carpet through the draw bridge entrance. It also has a movable dance floor, elevator, vanity and a bed that transforms into a wardrobe. This Barbie Castle has so many fun features even mom will want to get in the act. It's okay to feel like a kid again.

See Barbie, Fashion.

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December 14, 2010

Lionel Polar Express Train Set


The Polar Express is one of the most beloved Christmas books and movies of all time. The story of a young boy who struggles to believe in Santa is one we can all relate to. It can be so hard to let go of that magic. Now, you can keep that magic in your very own house with this Lionel Polar Express Train Set. The train has a working headlight and makes all the sounds the real Polar Express makes. It has a remote control to go forward and backward. This train set will keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your house for years to come.

See Polar Express Train.

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December 13, 2010

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Hug and Hide Owl Activity Toy


This little toy has big possibilities for fun. It boasts over 10 developmental activities for a baby 3 months and above. This Hug and Hide Owl has two tuggable teethers and it even squeaks, rattles and crinkles. My favorite part of this toy is the way the big owl and the little owl hug each other. That's the most important lesson of all.

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December 10, 2010

Puj Tub - The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub, White


Bathing an infant in a tub can be a back breaking task. Bending over the side of the tub, supporting a wiggly infant, and washing with one hand is really an incredible feat. This Puj Tub is a great way to save your aching back and fit a baby safely in a sink for a bath. It cradles and protects baby while allowing you to wash with both hands. It's made from a soft, non-slip, PVC- and BPA-free material. It fits any standard sink too. Most babies enjoy bath time, now you can too.

See baby bath time.

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December 9, 2010

Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller


Are there new parents on your holiday list that would appreciate a practical gift this season? Sweaters, frames and toys are not always what young parents need. A practical and useful gift is sometimes the way to go. This stroller has 6" front single swivel and 8" rear wheels for low resistance strolling. It also features a multi-position reclining seat, 3-tier canopy and height adjustable 5-point harness with strap cover sleeves. There is also ample storage under the seat for carrying baby gear. This is a gift that a parent can appreciate all year long.

See strollers.

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December 8, 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Girls Gown Set


Even preemie baby babies need to look good, but it can be hard to find the right size. Check out this Thank Heaven for Little Girls Gown Set designed for little darlings from 3 to 8 pounds. The dress is extra long for comfort but can also accommodate wires and tubes if they are needed. The set includes a matching hat and the trim says, Thank Heaven for Little Girls. Don't we all just love that?

See preemie clothes.

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December 7, 2010

Happy Lion Doll: Certified Organic Cotton: Fair Trade


Not all toys need to have bright lights or make pretty music to entertain your baby. Sometimes, the simplest toy can make the most difference. When considering your holiday gifts this year, why not purchase at least one fair trade item? Fair trade products satisfy certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved. This usually includes fair payment for producers; often with other social and environmental considerations. This happy lion doll is great example. It provides the same comfort as a standard stuffed animal at the same price point. However, this lion is made with Certified Organic Cotton and is also manufactured at a plant where no child labor was used and the process was eco friendly. This is a gift that celebrates the true spirit of the holidays.

See Fair Trade, Organic toys.

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December 6, 2010

Elmer's Fantastic Finger Paint Pack of 32, with Paper, Smock & Table Mat Included


Winter time can be tough if you aren't prepared with plenty of indoor distractions for your little one. Playing in the snow is only fun for a little while and then everyone wants to go inside to warm up. It's a good idea to keep a few crafty toys on hand for when the cold keeps you trapped inside. With adult supervision, children of almost any age can enjoy finger painting. This Elmer's Fantastic Finger Paint Pack has 32 jars of paint, paper, a smock & a table mat included. You and your child will be having so much fun, you will be thinking, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

See finger paints.

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December 3, 2010

Star Trek Uniform Creepers


Does the phrase, "Beam me up, Scotty!" make you smile? Then these Star Trek onesies are made just for you, well...made for your baby. Choose from four different clever designs: Cadet, Command, Science, or Red Shirt. If you are a true trekkie, get all four. It's never to soon to start raising your kids right.

See Star Trek, unique baby gifts.

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December 2, 2010

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes


Sometimes you get lucky and there's a little one on your list who really doesn't understand the whole concept of getting a big pile of expensive toys for the holidays. That's a perfect time to purchase a perfect, but simple toy like Take Along Tunes. The bright colors will keep your baby interested and the sounds of seven high quality classical melodies will teach your little one music appreciation. This gift will help create great memories, which you will appreciate when you hear the words, "Can I have a car this year?"

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December 1, 2010

2010 Super Cool Baby Holiday Buying Guide - Best Baby Gifts

This year there are so many parenting trends it can be hard to keep up with what is right for you and your family. Are you a "green family?" Maybe you are a bunch of techies. Do you consider yourself old school and you stick with some tried and true standards? Maybe you fit all these descriptions...or none of them. It doesn't matter where you fit in, you will probably still need to shop for someone who is in one of these groups. Don't worry! We're here to help. Check out our latest Holiday Buying Guide and give yourself some peace of mind, with this one stop shopping list.


This gift set is actually like giving three gifts in one. Included in the decorated box are a sweet organic cotton bunny toy, a duck teether and a lamb burp cloth. All items are made with organic cotton and dyed with natural plant and mineral colors so they are safe for baby to chew and suck. The blanket is absorbent and everything is perfectly sized for a tiny baby's hands.


Is there an older child on your list that would love a new doll to play with? Check out this rag doll made with completely organic cotton. It's so bright and colorful, it's guaranteed to provide years of play and of course, companionship.


If you are looking for "green" options, there are plenty of choices beyond organic cotton. Check out these Friendly Rainbow Sound Blocks. They are brightly colored with red, yellow, blue, green, and purple to attract and maintain your baby's attention. The blocks are hollow and filled with beads that produce different tones that will also amuse your baby. It's made from environmentally friendly rubber wood and strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers. You won't be the only one to love this gift. It is a winner of the Silver Practical Pre-School Award in 2006, and National Parenting Publications Award in 2001.


For the little one who is just starting to walk, you can get this adorable little dog. It can follow your toddler around and there is no added clean up for you! It is hand made with hard woods and painted with kid and eco friendly materials. It has a small bell inside that makes a gentle chime to entertain your little one. That beats the barking of a real dog any day.


Lastly, if you are looking for ways to get the whole family involved in earth friendly projects, you are in luck. This book, Ecoart!: Earth-Friendly Art and Craft Experiences for 3-To 9-Year-Olds, includes projects that will keep your littlest one and your oldest one at the table for some quality family time that helps keep our planet healthy. Now that's a happy holiday!

If earth friendly isn't exactly your style and you prefer a high tech wired up holiday, you have a ton of options.


Start simple with this hilarious flashing LED pacifier. I suppose we could talk about features, such as it could double as a night light. But really, I think this one is all about the fun, not so much the function. Of course, you can use it to soothe your baby. It's perfectly safe. Then, you can amuse yourself with the flashing lights.


Do you know a family with a little baby keeping them up at night? Now you can help the baby and the parents get a decent sleep. This cry analyzer uses advanced frequency analysis technology in only 20 seconds to determine why your baby is screaming. This analyzer will specifically tell a parent is their baby is stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored or hungry. Now, if they could just make one of these for teenagers....


If there is a shutterbug on your list, you can still go high tech without buying strange gadgets. Every parent loves pictures of their children. It can be so hard to choose which ones get hung around the house. Thankfully, now there is no need to choose. Frames like this Kodak EasyShare P725 Digital Frame can store up to 4,000 pictures. It's powered by an ENERGY STAR Qualified Adapter for a better environment. It's even perfect for the technophobe on your list. It has a simple plug-and-play operation with simple one-click controls.

It's true there are so many 21st Century options out there to choose from. But the truth is there a a few old standards that you can count on to make your baby happy. Me, I'm glad they are still around.


What childhood would be complete without a Fisher-Price Stacker? So many babies have cut their first teeth on these rings and the bright colors have kept babies entertained for generations. It economical for families on a budget and it educational too. It encourages motor development and stimulates the senses.


Another classic favorite is the Sock Monkey. There's no soft music, no blinking lights, just soft fabric and simple colors. It's everything a little one needs for a simple cuddle in the middle of the night or comfort after an accident. This sock monkey is such a classic, I'm guessing there are as many in college dorms as there are in nurseries.


Normally, I'm not an advocate of giving noisy toys as gifts, but we are talking about the classics here and I think this one qualifies. The Fisher-Price Corn Popper Push Toy is perfect for little ones from age 1 up to 5 years. This push toy encourages walking and the bright colors will keep your child coming back time after time.


If there is a toddler on your list, than no discussion of the classics would be complete without Candyland. This board game is a great way to get the whole family on the floor to explore this beautiful fantasy world of candy. There's no reading required. Children draw colored cards, and move their plastic gingerbread playing tokens to the next square of the same color. It's a great way to teach children, age 3 and up about colors and basic game playing principles like waiting your turn and moving toward the finish line. Everyone in the family will have fun passing the peppermint forest and the ice cream sea. The first one to reach the candy castle wins.

So you see, there is something for everyone out there. It can be hard to choose the right gift. As the saying goes, "It's the thought that counts." I still believe this. It doesn't matter what's beneath the wrapping, the thought is the most special gift of all.

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Fantasy Furniture Wave Chair


Hey there...come here often? I can't help thinking of that phrase when I see this toddler chair. It's perfect for ages 1 through 5. It is made of a wood frame and it is upholstered with foam and velboa fabric so it's as sturdy as your other furniture. This fabric is so whimsical you will smile every time you see it. It even comes with a matching sofa for a perfect mini living room set up. Your toddler can have the coolest pad, I mean playroom in town.

See toddler furniture.

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