February 28, 2011

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger


It can be hard to find time to work out with two little ones, so just take them with you! This Schwinn Double Jogger is light weight for easy handling. The tires are extra thick for safety and stability. There are plenty of features to keep your little one entertained as well. This stroller has a molded child tray with two cup holders and a built-in MP3 speaker. Your babies will look forward to your run, even if you don't.

See post natal fitness, jogging strollers.

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February 25, 2011

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew


If you are a teacher, caregiver or parent to a child with autism, it is important to keep trying new ways to reach the child. Thankfully, there has been a huge increase in research over the past several decades and we know so much more about the treatment of this disorder than we did just one generation ago. However, there is still so much to learn and the best teachers are often the children themselves. Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew is a book that can help you. It summarizes the basic features of the autistic child without over simplification. Behaviors are explained and strategies are shared. Most importantly, you feel empowered to help your child and encourage them on this journey. You will learn something and you can say, now I know.

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February 24, 2011

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair


This high chair might look little different than the ones you are used to, but it has all the features that you would expect from a traditional high chair. It is made of sturdy beechwood and has a five point harness to prevent your baby from performing any Houdini escapes. This Stokke Tripp TrappĀ® Highchair is super adjustable too. The seat and footrest are adjustable to the size of your child from approximately 6 months to adulthood. That's right. It even holds up to 300 pounds. A parent can even sit in it. How many other high chairs would you dare to sit in?

See infant feeding, infant high chairs.

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February 23, 2011

No Spill Toddler Bowls


As babies grow into toddlers they tend to take their messes with them, especially if they are carrying their food around. Many parents have found dry cereal and other snacks in some very strange places. This no spill bowl can help solve that problem, at least a little bit. The inner bowl is weighted and connected to a ring which is connected to another ring with hand grips. The inner bowl always remains upright and food stays put. At least there's one less potential mess to clean up.

See toddler feeding.

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February 22, 2011

PACkit Cooler Bottle & Lunch Bag


Apologies to the folks in the Midwest and Northeast who endured yet another blast of winter, but it has been a beautiful sunny day here in the South. This sunny weather started me thinking about the fun times we will have outside when the warm weather is really here to stay. It's never too soon to start planning for fun in the sun and if your kids are like my kids, that means you travel with food. You can keep your juice and snacks cool with this convenient little cooler. It's already lined with an eco friendly gel so you just fold it and store in the freezer until you need it. There's no need to sacrifice space with additional ice packs. You can also count on your juice to stay cold too. It keeps food and bottles cold for up to 10 hours.

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February 21, 2011

Perfectly Prepared


As an expectant mom, you may be full of questions about the upcoming birth of your child. Many hospitals and doctors offer pre natal classes, but they can be expensive and time consuming. If you want to set your own schedule, check out this convenient multimedia set that offers a comprehensive look at the coming months and what you can expect. Topics include: pain management during labor, prenatal yoga, birthing options, and an actual childbirth. It's MP3 compatible so you can truly take it with you where ever you go. This CD/DVD set is affordable and gives you flexibility to learn on your schedule at your pace. You're new baby certainly won't give you that chance.

See prenatal yoga, childbirth, CDs.

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February 18, 2011

Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor


In these tight economic times, you may be looking for ways to trim the baby budget. A great place to start is the baby monitor. You might be tempted to outfit your nursery with high tech cameras and monitors, but a reliable audio monitor will do the job just fine. This one has an extended range and is voice activated so will be sure to never miss a sound coming from your baby's room. In the event there is interference, you can turn to any of the 27 channels to find the one that works best for you. If you are wearing the belt clip, there's even an alarm to let you know you might be moving out of range. That way you will know for sure that you are never too far in case your baby needs you.

See infant safety, infant alarms.

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February 17, 2011

National Children's Dental Health Month


Did you know February is National Children's Dental Health Month? It's never too early to set your children on the right path to good dental health. Products like this toothbrush make it easy for children as young as 4 months to learn how to grip a toothbrush and brush their teeth. Invented by a dentist, it's sturdy enough to remove bacteria, but gentle enough to soothe tender gums. This kit comes with 2 toothbrushes so you will have peace of mind that your little one will always have a clean toothbrush on hand. That's probably more than you can say about your baby's pacifier collection.

See infant dental health, toothbrushes.

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February 16, 2011

Johnson's Bubble Bath and Wash, 28-Ounce (Pack of 2)


Some products seem like they have been around forever. There's a good reason for it. They are reliable, safe and effective. I don't think I could ever find a reason to use anything other than Johnson's Bubble Bath and Wash. My youngest was recently given a bottle of a new "modern" brand of soap as part of a gift set. Although the label insisted the product was organic and all natural, something in there burned my son's eyes. There's nothing worse than trying to rinse something out of your toddler's eyes while they are crying and trying to get away from you. I guess the upside of that situation is now I know for sure that there is no better way to get my little one clean.

See Johnson and Johnson, Infant Bath Soap.

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February 15, 2011

Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow


Expectant moms may have a hard time find the right position to get comfortable. If the baby is very active or even sitting sitting still on a nerve, a mom might feel a lot of pain. It's important to find the right tools to alleviate any discomfort. This pregnancy pillow has an inner curve to keep mom's back and belly supported while it cradles her entire body. After the baby is born, it provides support for mommy's back and keeps baby supported while nursing. This is a pillow that you will want to keep around for a long time.

See pregnancy pillows, nursing, 30% off.

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February 14, 2011

Woodland Climber


National weather reports have indicated that temperatures across the country will be a little above normal this week. That's welcome news since most of us have been experiencing record low temperatures these last few weeks. If all this good weather gives you a little bit of Spring Fever, then check out this Woodland Climber. It's safe for children as young as 2 years old, but has enough features to keep any child entertained. Your little one can climb the stairs, scale "rock" walls, and slither through kid-sized portals. There's even a captain's wheel and a thrilling slide.


If your baby is not quite ready for this climber, you can still have some outdoor fun. This play area is designed for infants 10 months and up. The removable canopy provides protection from the sun and there are plenty of activities to keep your little one entertained. Flashing lights, music, and a mirror are just of few features your baby will love. You will love the hours of safe outdoor play you will have with your baby.

See free shipping, outdoor play.

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February 11, 2011

Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here! A Word from your Baby-in-Waiting


"So, how did that baby get in your belly?" It's the dreaded question for every parent who has a curious child waiting for a new baby brother or sister. Instead of stammering and sweating while trying to come up with a G rated response, you can just read this story book to your little one. Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here! A Word from your Baby-in-Waiting (Picture Book) is a great way to explain a pending childbirth in a fun and appropriate way that's easy for children to understand. Expectant parents will even love it. It's a great shower gift too.

See new baby, sibling preparation.

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February 10, 2011

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker


Do you ever wonder what is in the food that you feed your baby? You don't have to. Give yourself peace of mind by making your own baby food at home. It does not have to be time consuming or expensive. This Beaba Baby Food Maker has everything you need in one appliance to get started. It has a blender, steamer, defroster and reheater all in one unit. You can plan meals in advance with the convenient defrosting function. It is ideal for preparing and freezing food in batches. Once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder why you were spending so much money on those jars.

See homemade baby food.

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February 9, 2011

Fill & Freeze Baby Food Ice Pop Molds


These ice molds are a great way to serve a snack on a hot day or soothe sore gums. Simply fill each mold with a healthy puree or fruit juice and freeze. These molds are colorful and the handles are the perfect size for baby to grasp. Clean up is easy too. These molds are top rack dishwasher safe.

See infant feeding, teething.

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February 8, 2011

Stork Craft Deluxe Glider/Recliner


Would would have guessed that there could be an improvement to an old standard like the glider? Now you can get a glider that reclines. That is such a great feature for a product like this. After spending so much time rocking a baby to sleep, you may not want to get up right away to put him in his crib. Now you can actually put your chair back down and get some rest for yourself.

See gliders, nursery decor.

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February 7, 2011

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash


Seeing your infant suffer through a diaper rash can be as painful for you as it is for your baby. There are so many remedies on the shelf it can be hard to choose the right one for your baby and when you need it, you really don't have the patience for too much trial and error. When my oldest used to get rashes, there was one cream that we could always count on to make the rash disappear: Triple Paste. It was so thick, it could be hard to put on, but it sure did the trick. Don't let the sticker shock scare you away. If your baby gets frequent rashes, this cream is worth every dime.

See diaper rash, diaper cream, Triple Paste.

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February 4, 2011

Bedtime Originals Hello Kitty and Puppy Fleece Blanket with Applique


I just couldn't resist this adorable Hello Kitty blanket. I guess watching the news coverage of this massive winter storm moving across the country makes me want toasty things. What little girl wouldn't want to curl up with this iconic little kitty? It is a perfect coordinate with Hello Kitty and Puppy bedding and accessories.

See Hello kitty, baby girl nursery.

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February 3, 2011

Lamaze Discovery Shapes Activity Puzzle and Crib Gallery


My first son had a toy like this for his crib years ago. It was one of the best toys a baby could have. The black and white contrast really seemed to hold my son's attention. He could grab and squeeze the panels to hear a bell or the rustling of paper. He also loved feeling the different textures. If you are looking for a toy that will hold your baby's attention as he grows, you found it in this Activity Puzzle and Crib Gallery.

See crib toys, infant toys.

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Morning Wellness Tea 16 Bags


Morning sickness was right at the top of list of things I didn't like about being pregnant. I was so sick during one of my pregnancies, my doctor was literally begging me to gain weight, "Eat whatever you can keep down, we'll fix it later." I was really excited when a friend told me that York Peppermint Patties always made his wife feel better. I tried those, but in the end it didn't work. I might have been better off with an herbal tea like this one. This Morning Wellness Tea blends Ginger Root, a well known nausea soother, with spearmint, peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm and a twist of orange peel for flavor. It's a great excuse to sit down, put your feet up and take some time to make yourself feel better. You might not love it as much as bag of Peppermint Patties, but then again, you won't have to "fix it later" either.

See Morning Sickness Remedies, pregnancy.

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February 1, 2011

Vapor-Eze Waterless Vaporizer with Aromatherapy


Relieving nasal congestion in an infant can be so difficult. If you go to the pediatrician, you will likely end up with a prescription for antibiotics. You might choose an over the counter remedy, chest rub or vaporizer. Water based vaporizers can be unsanitary, loud and trap bacteria. This vaporizer doesn't take water, but uses pre moistened pads infused with natural, aromatic oils. Each pad provides up to 10 hours of relief from cold like symptoms. The best feature might just be that it operates silently. Finally, your baby can get some rest and you can too.

See infant cold symptoms, humidifiers.

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