January 8, 2007

Kozy Block Baby Blanket


I love baby blankets. There are so many cute, soft, cuddly ones that I wish were made in adult sizes. I've just discovered two at KooKoo Bears that are wonderful, the Kozy Block Baby Blanket in pink and blue. It is made of cotton and velour and is 30 by 34 inches. I love the color combos and think this would be a great gift for someone having a baby.

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December 15, 2006

Quilts and Blankets by Petit Pan


Sometimes when I see fun patterns with bright colors, I get totally excited and need to buy whatever it is immediately. I know it's crazy, but I just love when someone mixes it up a bit and puts orange with pink or some other weird combo that you normally don't see. So when I discovered Petit Pan, it was all I could do to control myself and not reach for my credit card (what a shame I've already spent so much money this holiday season!). I originally fell in love with this designer because of the Patchwork Quilt and Pillow. But I love all of their Baby Blankets, the Mao Corduroy Jackets, and more. I am not a fan of fish though, so I will be staying away from the Paper Fish Mobile (I can barely even look at it-creepy!). But check out all of their stuff at nonchalantmom, a great website.

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December 4, 2006

Vendure Baby Blanket


One of my long term goals is to learn how to knit. I don't have the time nor the energy right now, but when I do, I hope I can make beautiful blankets like the Verdure Baby Blanket at Craftsbury Kids. The blanket is hand crocheted, approximately three feet long and wide, and the earth inspired colors would be great for either a girl or a boy.

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November 14, 2006

Review: Whimsical Children's Blanket by Tots and Tails Designs


I must say that in the past few years I've been pretty lucky. Besides getting the occasional free baby item to review, I also seem to win stuff now and then. One of those items I recently won is a baby blanket from Tots and Tails Designs. We won a blanket of our choice from this company, and we chose the Whimsical Children's Blanket in "Blast-off" (obviously without the name Roman on it). Let us just say, we LOVE this blanket. It is the softest thing we have ever felt. We want to keep it to ourselves instead of letting Andy use it. Really, it is that soft. I really love the design too. The retro looking print inside the space ship remindsme of the 50s, yet the rest of the blanket is totally modern. It's quite large at 30 by 40 inches, and it's also hand crafted in the USA. This blanket is fun to look at, fun to use, and overall a great product. If you want to buy a nice baby present for someone, this is definitely one to consider.

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November 7, 2006

Cloth Diapers: A Nusery Necessity


If you're like us, you wouldn't even consider diapering your baby with cloth diapers. However, that doesn't meant that you can't use cloth diapers in your nursery. These singly-ply diapers really have dozens of different uses. They make great burp cloths — they're big enough to really cover your shoulder when you're burping your child, and they're absorbent enough to clean up all but the biggest of spit-ups. They make great changing table covers when you're hard-pressed in a restaurant bathroom. You can even use them as a light blanket during the summer! We keep 2 dozen of these in our nursery, and they're usually scattered around the house so there's always one within reach. These are definitely a nursery necessity!

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October 31, 2006

Silly Billyz Infant Snuggle Bag


This product probably seems familiar, as I featured one just like it yesterday. However, the Infant Snuggle Bag makes me a little nervous. You see, when we were doing our baby product research before Anderson was born, the cardinal rule for baby seats was NEVER PUT ANYTHING BETWEEN THE BABY AND THE CAR SEAT. This product seems to do just that with a thick cushion of padding between the baby and the back of the car seat. I have contacted Live Love Dream, Inc. to hear what they say about this, but at this point I haven't heard back from them yet.

All that being said, this product does have some usefulness to it. If you have a travel system like we do, you will definitely have a cold baby if you take any walks this winter. So, bundle your baby up to your hearts content on your walks, but just don't take her in the car with this!

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October 30, 2006

Silly Billyz Snuggle Bag

Snuggle Bag

It's definitely starting to get colder up here in New England. Several times this week it's been below 40°F when I left for work. Sure, it does still warm up a little during the day, but that's not going to last for long. This Stroller Snuggle Bag will definitely keep your infant cozy, warm, and dry while you're out for a walk this winter. The front cover is fully removable for easy baby insertion and removal, and the inside is lined with fleece or sherpa (whatever THAT is). This works with most 3 and 5 point harnesses, and is big enough for toddlers up to the age of three. For those of us living in the colder climates, this is a definite must-have if we ever expect to leave the house again.

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October 26, 2006

Jellycat Truffles


One of the best things about this blog is how I come across all these great products that I can use with Andy or tell my friends about. I just discovered Jellycat Truffles, and I want one for myself. If only they made them in adult sizes! I guess they are big in Europe and becoming collectable items over there. Each design can either stand upright as a stuffed animal or be laid out as a blanket/pillow/playmat. They are available as a few different animals: bunny, kitten, sheep, and a much larger dog version. Although this is something I probably wouldn't buy for Andy myself, I would love to give and receive as a gift!

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October 19, 2006

Silly Billyz Play Blankets

Navy Play Blanket

These play blankets from Silly Billyz seem like a great idea. High quality fleece on one side, study nylon on the other. Perfect for dewey mornings at the park and is great for diaper changes. Its even big enough to cover most restaurant changing tables. I bet, in a pinch you could even use the nylon side up as a rain cover for your stroller. In addition to navy, they are available in lilac and red.

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October 5, 2006

Essentials Play Mat by JJ Cole


I have a thousand or so nice and big baby blankets, and I love them all so much that I don't want to get them dirty. So when I go to the beach, the park, or anywhere else where I need to put something under Andy, I bring my swaddling blankets that I don't care as much about. And they are too small to cover the ground well as Andy is the biggest baby ever. So of course he gets dirty and needs a big long bath afterwards. That's why I wish I owned the Essentials Play Mat by JJ Cole. It is 5 feet by 5 feet, lined in nylon that is easy to clean but also can be thrown in the washing machine, and it folds easily and into a tote with a detachable strap. Could anything be more convenient? It is also available in three different color combinations: Chocolate/Pink, Black/Grey and Sky/Lemon.

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