September 12, 2007

Review: Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles


We received an advanced copy of Julie Black Belt: The Kung Fu Chronicles here at Super Cool Baby. Published by Immedium, Julie Black Belt is the story of a young girl who takes up Kung Fu lessons. Familiar only with the faced-paced life outside the training room, Julie wants results right away. Julie is unsatisfied that she remains a white belt — the lowest level — she wants to have a black belt. Progress does not come easily, and Julie quickly becomes discouraged. Finally, Julie learns that only through perseverance, hard work, and dedication will she earn a more colorful belt.

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August 22, 2007

3-D Activity Book by Tiny Love


Andy liked interactive books much sooner than he liked picture books. I had a few at the time, but I wish we had owned something like the 3-D Activity Book too. This book has 5 colorful double pages with different features on each. It helps with fine motor skills, imagination, and lots more, and it can be attached to a stroller or crib or a favorite toy, so you can always have it nearby.

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July 23, 2007

Barefoot Books


Recently I had the chance to buy some books from Barefoot Books. They are a company based in Cambridge, MA in the US, right down the street from where we used to live! Their books are cute, beautifully illustrated, and seek "to explore the world in new ways." They are educational and yet fun. We own two of these books, Alligator Alphabet and I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur, and they are definitely Andy's favorites. He loves the colors, and often he will hand them to me to read throughout the day, not just at our usual before bed time. Many of the books are available in different formats, such as board books (what we have), hard cover, and paper back. You can buy these books online or through a home seller if one is near you. I can't recommend them enough!

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July 10, 2007

Review: Goosie Cards


We received a box of sample Goosie Cards the other day. Goosie Cards are high-quality, custom-made flash cards created by Jen Marchetti. Ms. Marchetti founded after searching for a way to teach her children more about their family.

As I mentioned before, these flash cards are of extremely high quality. They're really glossy, thick and practically indestructible. I tried everything short of taking a pair of scissors to them and I could not damage them at all. That's a great feature in something meant for young children!

You can buy sets of 10, 20 and 26 flash cards. When you build your set, you choose a picture, title, and up to 5 lines of text. In addition to using your from your very own photos, Goosie Cards offers a gallery of over 150 professional photographs that you can use. You can choose from "1-2-3", "ABC", "Shapes and Colors", "Sign Language", and so on.


Each set of cards comes packaged in this great box. You can also buy a gift certificate in the form of a Goosie Card. Anybody you give it to will immediately understand what a great gift they're getting!

So, if you're interested in a high quality set of flash cards to help teach your children about the world, or their very own family, I highly recommend that you check out Goosie Cards.

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June 21, 2007

Review: Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought


We received an electronic copy of Immedium's new book, Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought here at Super Cool Baby. The book was written by Oliver Chin (also the author of The Year of the Pig), and illustrated by Heath McPherson.

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March 29, 2007

We're Moving?!?


Do you remember the Change is Strange books that we wrote about in December? There's a new one out! Entitled We're Moving?!?, this book helps your child deal with the move and a new home. It's available May 1 on the Change is Strange website. At this point, it can't be personalized like the other books, but it's still a great idea if you're moving in the future!

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March 26, 2007

365 First Time Parenting Tips: Infant Edition


Laura wrote about one of our favorite parenting websites the other day, 365 First Time Parenting Tips. Jeff, the writer over there sent us a copy of his book 365 First Time Parenting Tips: Infant Edition: Day-to-Day Guide to Surviving the 1st Year for review.

For those of you following this great website, this ebook is a collection of the tips and essays posted there. From Day 1 when his son was born, to the day before his sons 1st birthday, the book presents a helpful tip that will be invaluable to any first time parent. For example:

Day 8: Clean your baby's cord stump twice a day with rubbing alcohol

It's black. It's ugly. You hate to touch it. But first time parents have to get over their squeamishness to take care of it correctly. I'm talking about the cord stump. Keep it dry. Keep it uncovered...

Day 36: Breast milk will last for up to 4 hours at room temperature

If you're pumping your excess milk or are taking a trip out of the house and don't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, it's important to know how long milk will last out of the fridge...

Many of these tips you probably learned in your child birth or similar class. However, many of them serve as a reminder that other parents are going through the same frustrations that you are. Other tips are helpful reminders, and others cover things that you would never thought of before. This book is great for any first time parents, and even for parents on their second go around. I know I've forgotten a lot of things that happened early on in Anderson's life, and this book would be a great refresher. And best of all, the ebook edition is only $9.99. At that price, you can't afford NOT to get this book.

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March 14, 2007

Andy's Favorite Books-Age 11 Months


Reading to your baby is very important as it can help them learn to read (my brother was able to at age 3 because of it) as well as gets them interested in reading which will help them later in school and in life. We make it a habit to read to Andy every night before he goes to bed. Peter's already told you that we read to him Goodnight Moon. Some of his other favorite books include The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, The Going to Bed Book and Pajama Time! both by Sandra Boynton, Touch and Feel Farm, and Hugs and Kisses by Christophe Loupy and Eve Tharlet. He also really likes Fly Away Ladybug and Hello, Sun! to play with. His absolute favorite that we put with the toys because he loves it so much is Pat the Bunny. He will play on the floor with this book for a half hour or longer. It's even in his hand now as he's watching Sesame Street. I think for his birthday I'll buy him Pat the Puppy and Pat the Cat as he loves both animals!

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March 13, 2007

Year of the Pig: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac


We received a copy of The Year Of The Pig: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac the other day. It is the second book in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series. It is written by Oliver Chin, and illustrated by Jeremiah Alcorn.

The book begins with an explanation of the Chinese zodiac, and we learn that people born in the year of a particular animal are thought to share a certain personality and identity with their sign. More and more people around the world celebrate the start of another Chinese new year in early spring. This year, of course, is the year of the pig.


The book is the story of Patty, a newly born pig on the farm of Farmer Wu. Patty enjoys doing all the things pigs do, slipping and sliding in the mud, diving face first into her food, and snoring loudly when she is sleeping squeezed in between her parents.

But one day, Farmer Wu loses his valuable jade ring. Patty wants to help, but she is not allowed out of her pig pen. In the end Patty manages to escape her pen and finds the ring in the compost heap, to the delight of Farmer Wu and all the other animals on the farm.

While this book does teach you about the Chinese zodiac, the story of Patty's tenacity is applicable to all cultures. The book is beautifully illustrated, and kids of all ages will be sure to love it. The Year of the Pig contains all kinds of animals: pigs, horses, dogs, sheep and oxen. We learn a little bit about each. Horses like to sleep standing up, sheep like to keep their wool clean, and so on. I think younger children will still appreciate the book, as many pages have a lot going on, and older children will like the story.

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February 20, 2007

Review: The Checklist by Dr. Manny Alvarez


Dr. Manny Alvarez, who regularly appears on Fox News to dispense medical advice, has written another book called The Checklist. The folks at were kind enough to send us a review copy a while ago. And while its taken me a little while to read it, I definitely think its a worthwhile book.

The Checklist is a very high level overview of your health. Dr. Manny goes through each decade of your live, from conception into your golden years and highlights the things you should be doing, and the things you should keep an eye out for to maintain a healthy and sound lifestyle.

Most of the parents who read this blog are probably familiar with how to keep a young child healthy. However, with all the stresses that parenthood can bring, it is all too easy to neglect your own well-being. Furthermore, as your child ages into pre-teen and teenaged years, it remains as vitally important to teach them health habits. This book is fantastic at pointing out things that are easy to remember and easy to teach.

For example, in the "Life Is Beautiful" years (ages 10 to 19), the Checklist covers seasonal allergies, the causes and symptoms of chronic childhood asthma, the causes of the great teenage scourge: acne, and more. In the "Welcome to the Real Word" years (ages 20 to 29), the Checklist looks at smoking, birth-control, and gastrointestinal disorders. Each decade is followed by a handy list of important tests and exams that should be covered. It almost seems too simple: follow the checklist and you'll be on the road to a healthier life.

While I might not find that The Checklist is an indispensable reference, it definitely has been able to teach me a few things about what life will hold for me in the coming years and decades. I feel better equipped now to handle the challenges of my own healthcare.

The Checklist is available in hardcover at, and bookstores near you.

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