October 12, 2008

Review: Arbonne Baby Care

Arbonne Baby Care

We've got a friend who is an Arbonne consultant who let us sample the full line of Arbonne Baby Care products. We've used the Hair and Body Wash and Body Oil in the past on the recommendation of our pediatrician. This time we also used the Body Lotion and Herbal Diaper Rash Cream.

Arbonne products are specially formulated to be very gentle to your child's skin. When Andy was younger, he had a persistent rash on his face and arms, and he always had very dry skin on his legs. We started using Arbonne products and the rash quickly cleared up. Arbonne is much more gentle than the other hair and body wash products that we were using, which is very nice if your child has sensitive skin.

The nicest thing about these products is their smell. They all have a very similar fresh herbal smell, including the Diaper Rash Creme, which is a refreshing change. The Diaper Rash Creme and the Body Lotion were both a less viscous than what I was expecting. This made them both a lot easier to spread, but I accidentally dispensed too much before I realized this!

If you're looking for a line of products for your baby's sensitive skin, and don't mind paying a little bit more, then I definitely recommend the line of Arbonne products. You can buy them from your local Arbonne consultant, or online. To order online, please use Consultant ID #17508916. Let her know that you found her on "Super Cool Baby" and you'll receive 25% off your order of $25 of more.

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September 16, 2008

Review: Munchie Mug

Munchie Mug

Sick of cleaning up crumbs from the crease in your car seat? Ever wish they made a "sippy cup" for snacks? Well, guess what, the folks at Witty Works Inc have answered the call with the Munchie Mug. They were kind enough to send us a mug so that we could review it for our readers!

  • It's large. It holds 16 oz, which is important because your child has to stick more than just his finger tips into the mug in order to retrieve a bite. Besides it wouldn't make much sense to fill the whole thing up, since you have to be able to push the fabric opening aside.
  • It works well. After a few days of usage, there weren't any spills to clean up.
  • Easy to use. Andy was able to figure out how to extract his fish crackers and dried cranberries in no time. The website states that kids as young as 10 months have had no trouble using it, but its probably best for kids 18 months and up.
  • Cleanups up great. Just stick the whole thing, fabric top included, on the top rack of your dishwasher. Obviously you want to let the thing dry out before you start using it again.
  • It's made with safe materials. Witty Works got each component of the Munchie Mug certified as food-safe by the FDA. And it is made with Phthalate and BPA-free plastics!

The one drawback to the Munchie Mug is the separate air-tight screw-on top. In order to use it, you have to take off the fabric top and screw it on. I wish there was a way to have them both on the Munchie Mug at once, as it seems a lot less likely to get lost that way. But, if you do lose it, you can always keep your snacks in a separate container (like a ziplock bag), and pour some into the Munchie Mug when you're ready to eat!

The Munchie Mug is great for car trips. You can fit quite a lot of snacks in there, and you don't have to worry about them getting everywhere every time you go over a little bump in the road!

I heartily recommend picking up a few of Munchie Mugs. You'll find lots of different ways to use it, and who knows, when your child grows up, you can use it to store easily-accessible odds & ends!

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June 4, 2008

Review: Combi Flare Lightweight Stroller

We finally had enough of our giant Graco stroller. It was such a pain wheeling it around small clothing stores. So the other day we went looking around for an inexpensive but high-quality umbrella stroller. We ended up deciding on the Combi Flare Lightweight Stroller in Mandarin. What we like: * Its appropriate for children from birth all the way up to 55 pounds. The seat reclines to nearly flat, and moves up to a position that Anderson finds very comfortable. On our last cheapo umbrella stroller, Andy was reclined a little too much so he hated it. * It weighs 11.7 pounds. Compared to Andy, you don't even notice the weight of the stroller. * It has a carrying strap. After you fold it up, you can toss it over your shoulder and you'll barely notice its there. * The handle is nice and tall. One of our requirements was that I had to be able to push it without kicking the wheels. At 6'2", its hard to find a stroller that fits the billing, but this one passes with flying colors. * The safety bar in front. This was actually one of the factors that sold us on the stroller. We just like having something in front of Anderson when he's in the stroller. That way we feel like we don't have to buckle him in every time we use the stroller. With the safety bar, its quite a struggle for him to escape (which he has not yet successfully done). What we don't like: * Two hands are required to fold up the stroller. Strangely enough, the sample stroller we tried at the store only required one hand. But when we got the box home, it was a two-handed version. * The two-step fold is a little confusing. After you fold the stroller once, you sort of push the outside towards the center where it catches together. Yes, it does make the stroller very small, but it also took us a while to figure out how to do and undo this mechanism, and there weren't really any instructions to speak of. * The front wheels get "stuck" when turning sometimes. I've noticed that after you go backwards for a few feet, you can't immediately push forwards. Instead you have to go in a little circle to one side first. Just a minor annoyance, and something we didn't notice until we had Andy sitting in the stroller. Andy loves this stroller. I think it gives him a nice comfortable and smooth ride. He's even taken to asking us to open up the car so we can get it out for him. If you're looking for a nice umbrella-type stroller, I can definitely highly recommend this one, even with the few faults that we've found.
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June 2, 2008

Win a "Summer Essentials Kit" from Huggies Little Swimmers


Super Cool Baby is giving away two "Summer Essentials Kits" to our readers. These kits include some beach toys (a bucket, a little rake, and a beach ball), a dozen Huggies Little Swimmers swim diapers, a bottle of mango & coconut sunblock, a bottle of sunblock spray, and a box of 24 sun sensors. That's practically everything you need in order to enjoy your summer at the pool or the beach!

Anderson loves the beach ball. It's not his first ball, but its by far his favorite. He loves to pick it up and throw it, or kick it down the hallway. Its definitely been a big hit. We tried the different types of sunblock. We'd never used a sunblock spray before, but we definitely like it. Anderson will stick his arms out and let us spray him. It comes out as sort of a runny white lotion, but its really easy to rub in. There's one drawback though: when you spray, the lotion can go everywhere. This isn't a lotion that you'll want to apply inside. However, when you're already outside it makes for a quick and easy reapplication.

And reapplying sunscreen is an extremely important step of sun-safety that is often overlooked. To help us remember, Huggies Little Swimmers makes a product called "Sun Sensors". You put the sensor on clothing, a hat, or skin (just make sure, its clean and it somewhere that's not going to be shaded by your body). The sensor reacts to the UVB rays that cause sunburn, and when it turns a deep orange (and loses its pattern) you know its time to reapply.

If you'd like to win one of these kits, send an email to newstips@supercoolbaby.com or leave a comment on this post. We'll be announcing the winners next monday, June 9th.

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May 29, 2008

Review: Twilight Turtle by Cloud B


We have had the Twilight Turtle by Cloud B for a long time now, and I'm glad I've finally gotten around to reviewing it. It is a night light, projecting colored stars onto the walls and ceiling. When we first bought it, we were worried that Andy needed a little extra light in his nursery. He was about 8 months old, and we thought he was becoming afraid of the dark. We quickly discovered this was not the case (he was probably just going through one of those baby jumps where he stopped sleeping for a bit but then learned a new skill). So we put the turtle away and didn't pull it out for almost a year. When we remembered we had it, we started using it at night when Andy would go to sleep. He didn't think much of it at first, but suddenly he's fallen in love with it. All we hear at bed time is "blue star," which is his favorite color. The stars can also be turned to orange and green.

The turtle has a hard plastic shell and a cozy body, so it's sturdy and strong and will stand up to toddler wear and tear but is still cozy. It turns on with a push of a button, and you can change the color by pushing the appropriate button on the shell. It is very easy to use. One of it's best features is that it stays on for only 45 minutes, plenty of time for your little one to fall asleep to it. You don't have to worry about draining the batteries or it being too bright in the room all night.

We really like it and think it's a good purchase. If you prefer, it also comes in a ladybug too.

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May 19, 2008

Review: Lil' Rinser

Lil' Rinser

Last week, I wrote about Lil' Rinser. The folks at Lil' Rinser were kind enough to send one our way so that we could do a hands on review of their product. Since we received it, we've been able to use it for a few baths.

The Lil' Rinser comes in only one size. It's super flexible, it even fit fairly comfortably on my adult sized head. (We had a great game of teacup head with it before bath-time). It has a flexible plastic lining that is soft and comfortable. This lining is what prevents water from leaking through and getting into your child's face.

When we used it, Andy wasn't too pleased with having it on his head. I'm not too sure why, it might just be his general aversions to having things on his head, or it might've tugged his hair a little when I slipped it on. We usually rise off with a bucket of water, so I had the Lil' Rinser in my left hand, and the bucket of water ready to go in my right. I slipped it over his head, pushed it on a little and poured the water on. It worked nearly perfectly. A tiny bit of water leaked through the front, but way way less than if we weren't using the Lil' Rinser at all. Even though Andy was unhappy about it, and fighting it a little, I was still able to get the Lil' Rinser on well enough for it to work. Since it was channelling the water away from his face, I was able to rinse his hair a lot faster than usual. After two bucketfuls of water we were all done!

The Lil' Rinser is definitely a product I would highly recommend to every family with children who need help bathing. The Lil' Rinser is available for $14.98 at the Lil' Rinser online store.

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May 7, 2008

Olive Kids Placemats: She Says


Peter reviewed placemats from Olive Kids in March, and I've been meaning to chime in ever since. I love these placemats, and Andy does too. He has been so interested on what is on each one, pointing out cars or planets (which he still sees as balls), and the letters of his name. These placemats have helped him learn the letters of his name, and he has fun pointing to each one and saying it over and over. The placemats have really held up well to his wear and tear too. He has dragged them all over the house and often times plays with it at the end of meal time. We really love them, and I cannot recommend them enough!

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May 5, 2008

Review: My Plate Mate

Mess Free Meals with My Plate-Mate

We wrote about My Plate Mate a few weeks ago, and the folks over at My Plate Mate were kind enough to send us a sample so that we could do a full review of this really neat product. We've been using the My Plate Mate for a about a week now. It fits perfectly on our plates (we have a set of plates from Ikea that we use for meals). At first Anderson was a little mystified. Whenever we put it on, he immediately stopped whatever he was doing to remove it from his plate. But after a few days he stopped doing that and doesn't mind it so much. Anderson was never one to really want to feed himself, so he hasn't gotten much use out of the My Plate Mate. But there will come a time, hopefully in the very near future, where this product will prove absolutely indispensable. My Plate Mate is really easy to clean. Usually a quick rinse, or dip into a sink of soapy water will suffice, but when it gets really dirty, I just toss it into the dishwasher. It's come out perfectly each time. It's made out of a fairly rigid plastic. I gave it a few good hard tugs: the kind you'd expect a troublesome toddler to make, and wasn't able to do any damage to it. I think it'll hold up well in most households. I think [My Plate Mate](http://www.myplate-mate.com/kids_intro.html) is one of those products that every family with a toddler can use. It'll make your mealtimes easier, and teach your kid how to feed himself that much faster (and cleaner!). So be sure to order yours today.
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April 25, 2008

Review: Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

We received the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon a few months ago as a Christmas gift, and I wanted to tell you all what we thought of this great little wagon. The wagon comes unassembled, and requires you to do a little assembly involving a screwdriver and a hammer. For the most part this was easy but there were two parts that tripped me up. First, although they are marked, the left and right front wheels are easy to get confused. I ended up putting them on backwards, and it required an email to customer service and a new part in order to fix. The other difficult part was attaching the handle. For some reason I couldn't get all the holes lined up in order to put a pin in. It took some persistence and a little elbow grease and I was finally able to get the pin through to attach the handle to the body. The rest of the assembly was easy. The wagon features two seats, one forward facing, and one rear facing. In between the seats is a place for your passengers to put their legs. There are four cup holders inside the wagon too. We usually stick a sippy cup in there and a few water bottles whenever we go for a walk. The seats fold down to form a flat bottomed wagon. This will be great when Andy has outgrown the wagon: we can use it to bring a picnic to the beach, and so on. There's also a small compartment at the back of the wagon that you can use for extra storage. The wagon itself is very smooth. It has hard rubber wheels, so they absorb a little of the bumpy ride, and they also offer decent traction. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees, so you can always turn in every direction. I find that its pretty easy to pull the wagon. I usually pull it behind me, although it can get uncomfortable after a long walk. It's definitely less comfortable than pushing a stroller around, but Anderson definitely seems to love it a lot more.
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April 18, 2008

Review: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

When we were done with our high chair, we moved on to this Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. We wanted something that we could strap right onto a chair and buckle Anderson into, and this one fit the bill. This booster seat comes with a tray that snaps in, and another tray "liner" that snaps onto that tray. This gives you 2 trays to use through the day, so hopefully you don't have to clean a try for every meal. There's also a snap-on lid that goes over the trays, but we never found any use for it. The seat height is adjustable. It has three positions, but we've been using the highest position since we got it. You might have to adjust it depending on your table.

The best part about this seat is its portability. The seat can fold up and squish down into something that's quite small. We stowed it in the back of our car on a recent car trip, and it gave us a guaranteed child seat no matter where we went.

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