December 1, 2007

Review: Enchanting Christmas Stories


Enchanting Christmas Stories is a new DVD released this fall from BookBox. It features 5 different stories: The First Christmas, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Tucket the Bucket, The Greatest Treasure, and Santa's Christmas. I wasn't familiar with these particular stories, but they were all nice Christmas stories. The animation style is simplistic, almost like a moving story book. Meaning, some of the elements of the page move around, but things like faces aren't animated.

This DVD employs Same Language Subtitling; a scientifically tested method to improve reading skills. Think of it like reading karaoke (which is exactly how its marketed). Below the animation, the words flash by, karaoke style.

The DVD can be played in english or spanish, and can feature subtitling of either or both languages as well. This is a nice feature in bilingual households, or if you or your child are practicing a second language.

Enchanting Christmas Stories runs about 30 minutes, so each story is about 6 minutes long.

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November 29, 2007

Review: The Farmer Says


Here's a toy that has changed a lot from when I was a toddler using it! Gone is the pull string on The Farmer Says. Now there is a pull lever on one side. There's also a page that can be flipped, revealing new animals to learn. There's a quiz mode addition as well as The Farmer in the Dell and Old MacDonald songs too.

Andy loves this toy. I was worried that the lever would be too hard for him to pull, but he has no problems. You do need to pull it all the way down for it to work though, not just 3/4 of the way. Andy is very interested in what everything around him is named, so this toy is helping him learn his animals. While it's different than the version I grew up loving, I am still a fan.

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November 27, 2007

Review: WedgEZ


If you're like me and many other parents, you probably hate pulling out those little plastic outlet protectors every time your searching for a place to plug your vacuum in. Well, the folks over at WedgEZ have a great new product that will make that a lot easier, and they've sent us one to review.

The idea is simple enough. It's a curved plastic wedge that you stick behind the plastic outlet protector. Then you just twist the handle towards the wall and out pops the protector. It couldn't be any simpler than that. The handle has little brackets to attach it to the power cord of your vacuum cleaner, which is certainly a convenient place to keep it. And it fit the cords on both the vacuum cleaners in our house just fine.

The best part about the WedgEZ is the price. At $3.99 each, or 3 for $9.99, they're cheap enough to get several to keep in different places around the house. That way you'll never be prying out outlet protectors with your fingernails or the prongs on a plug again. And if it's easy to take the protectors out, you'll be more likely to put them back when you're done, keeping your exploring baby safe!

So, here at Super Cool Baby we definitely love the WedgEZ. In fact, we love it so much that its going to become part of our standard "new baby gift pack" that we've been giving to all of our expecting friends and family!

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November 26, 2007

Review: Learn & Groove Musical Table


While with my family during thanksgiving, Andy had the chance to play with a few new toys. One of the toys was the Learn & Groove Musical Table that we've written about before.

This table is definitely aimed at kids who are a little older. It's listed for children 6 months to 3 years, but at the very least your child will have to be able to stand. There are 8 different interactive activities. You can flip the page of the book, open the lid to the secret hiding spot, play the cello, the piano, the banjo, and the trombone. There's a part you can spin, and shapes that pop up.

Andy really loved playing with this toy. He did all the different activities several times in each session, and it was a toy that he would go back to several times over the long weekend. It was definitely a toy that he enjoyed playing with, and one that Santa might end up bringing this holiday season.

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November 19, 2007

Review: Bébe Belay


Bébe Belay recently sent one of their products to Super Cool Baby for review. According to their website, this accessory is "an instant bib, baby bootie connector, and pacifier holder" all in one product. It definitely sounds like a very useful little gadget, so I was very excited to try it out.

The Bébe Belay arrived in a padded envelope very quickly. It was inside a sheer and shiny little bag with a ribbon. The bag is reusable we must note, and the ribbon is a part of the bag. We liked that a lot! The first thing we noticed was how small it is. Each end has a clip on it, and they were holding a card for the company with its instructions on the back. Bébe Belay is available in 10 different patterns, five of which are limited editions. We received the blue stripe one, which is probably the one that would match Andy's clothes the best.

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November 10, 2007

Review: Angelina Ballerina: A Star Collection


I'll be the first to admit that I hadn't heard of Angelina Ballerina before. But when we recently received the new Angelina Ballerina: A Star Collection boxed set, I was intrigued. This boxed set was released last month, and includes 3 DVDs: Lights, Camera, Action!, In the Wings, and Rose Fairy Princess. Each DVD runs about 50 minutes and includes special features like read-alongs and several games.

Angelina Ballerina is a complete stranger in our house, but if you've got a fan, this would make a great gift in the upcoming holiday season!

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November 7, 2007

Review: Green Pea Designs Baby Pouches


Green Pea Designs was kind enough to send us one of their pouches for review. While Andy is too big for a pouch at this point (right at the maximum weight of 35lbs), we luckily have a friend who recently had a baby, and she has been kind enough to help us with our review.

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November 1, 2007

Review: The First Adventures of Incredible You


Last week we wrote about a customized children's book from Custom Made for Kids. Earlier this week we received a complimentary customized copy of the book for review.

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October 15, 2007

Review: Braincandy: Smell My World


Super Cool Baby received a new DVD the other day. Braincandy: Smell My World is the start of a new series of DVDs covering the five senses. The DVDs are made for children six months to four years old.

These DVDs have a slightly different approach than others. Co-founder and CEO Sam Reich-Dagnen says, At Braincandy, we don't think the learning process should be about changing children into something, we think it should be about the experience. That's really where the learning is.

This series of DVDs is based on three straight-forward ideas:

  1. All children learn differently
  2. Young children learn best when they're encouraged to explore, experiment, and play in an organic, natural manner
  3. Presenting content through images and sounds, the Braincandy experience can help young children get ready to learn

The DVD itself is pretty simple. It features a funny character shaped by a nose, and there's a lot of exploration of the smells around us. Its hard to tell if this is truly engaging for infants, but Anderson at 18 months seemed to enjoy it!

The 5 Senses Series will be released on October 16th, and will cover sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

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October 11, 2007

Review: Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!


When I was growing up Care Bears were all over the place. I haven't heard much about them in the mean time, but guess what? After 25 years, they're making a comeback, starting with an all-new CGI animated adventure in Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!

Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! introduces two new characters; the clumsy Oopsy Bear and the bilingual Amigo Bear. The movie has a straightforward plot: Oopsy Bear accidentally destroys the amusement park that Cheer and Grumpy Bears built for their friends. Grizzle, an evil bear, uses Oopsy's mistake in a plot to steal the Care Bears' belly badges. Oopsy Bear saves the day though, and proves you don't need a badge to be a bear that cares.

The DVD comes with a special toy: ours had a little Oopsy Bear included. I would imagine that they're all the same, but I'm not positive. You could get a random bear for all I know. Care Bears will be making their television comeback this fall on the CBS Saturday morning lineup. And if they're anything like they were in yesteryear, they're sure to be super popular again!

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