July 1, 2010



Are you one of the millions of adults captivated by Harry Potter's world? You love Harry and want to share him with your child, but some little ones can be a little overwhelmed by some of the images and concepts in the story. You can still find a way to introduce your child into Harry Potter's world on a much more child friendly level. This Harry Potter Crookshanks Plush cat is suitable for ages 5 and up and won't keep your little one up all night. It looks like any other plush toy in your child's room. When your child is old enough, he can cuddle with Crookshanks and you while you read these amazing stories to him.

See Harry Potter.

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June 29, 2010

Little Tikes Super Soccer Ball Pit


Has soccer fever come to your house, but your little one is too young to put on the field? Don't worry. You can still help your future World Cup star prepare for the big game. This soccer themed ball pit will provide many hours of entertainment for your little one. In addition to introducing concepts like good sportsmanship, this game will help develop motor skills and build social interaction skills as well. So go ahead and feel free to start practicing your celebratory shout: GOOOAALLLLL!

See soccer toys, World Cup.

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June 22, 2010

World Cup Stadium Horn Blue 29 inches


What IS that sound??? Were you one of the many Americans asking that question when the World Cup first started? Well, by now you have certainly heard the answer. It's the sound made by a South African horn used during celebrations. If your child can't get enough of that sound and you are a glutton for punishment, now you can buy them their World Cup Stadium Horn . If you do purchase this for your child, you are a better parent than me. However, I guess it is good preparation for when your child requests drum lessons.

See World Cup Horn, World Cup Soccer.

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June 17, 2010

My First Touch 'n Feel Flash Cards


Super hot days during summer can keep you inside as easy as a blizzard in Winter. Don't be caught off guard with the same old toys your baby always plays with. It helps to try something new. You can use the opportunity to bond with your child and teach her at the same time. It's never to early to start with flash cards. These cards provide a complete sensory experience for your child. There are a variety of textures, colors and sounds on each card to share with your little one. If she masters them, don't worry. You can always try them in the Spanish, French, German, and Chinese translations. Who knew a hot summer day could be so busy?

See Infant toys.

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April 21, 2010

Kathe Kruse Star Car Seat / Stroller Toy


The countdown to Earth Day continues with our focus on earth friendly products for your baby. Young babies explore thier environment by putting objects in their mouth. As a parent, you are diligent about keeping toys clean and germ free. It's equally important to provide your little one with items that are manufactured with as little chemical processing as possible. This fairy themed stroller toy will engage your baby's senses and help develop motor skills as she pulls on the elastic legs and plays with the knotted hat. This adorable toy is also manufactured with certified eco friendly textiles, so you can be sure that if the toy does find its way into your baby's mouth she is not exposed to any harsh chemicals.

See Earth Day, eco friendly toys.

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March 12, 2010

Clear Side Storage Unit


As a parent, it is so frustrating to see a toy box full of toys and know that only a fraction of them are getting played with. Kids have an out of sight, out of mind way of thinking when it comes to their toys. You can put those days behind you with this clear sided toy box. The top is open so there is no risk of slamming little hands and there are three separate compartments for sorting toys. Now your little one will be able to enjoy all of his toys for a longer period of time.

See toy storage, toy boxes.

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March 1, 2010

Earlyears Lil' Shopper Play Set


Teach your little one to fill his shopping cart with delicious, healthy choices. This unique sorting toy features fruit and milk in a sturdy shopping bag. Each piece of fruit jingles, crinkles or chimes and features a different texture. Other toys help you teach your baby about colors and shapes, but it is just as important to teach your baby about healthy eating. It's never too early.

See Earlyears Lil' Shopper Play Set.

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February 23, 2010

Child's play is serious business


As a parent, it is a lot of fun to get down on the floor and play with your child. It's fun for your baby too, but it can also be a time for you pick up on some hints on how your baby is developing. Motor skills, imaginary play and traditional skills like color recognition are all components of your baby's growth.

Toys like this Fisher-Price First Blocks Sorter help your child learn fine motor skills, which he will eventually need to hold crayons and cut with scissors at school age. You can enhance this learning experience by saying the names of the colors and shapes to your baby as he holds them. Of course, your baby won't catch on right away, but after a while your baby will recognize them.

As your child grows, provide him with more challenging toys. This Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker acts a traditional stacking toy and a puzzle. Your little one will have to decipher which post is the correct one for each shape. It is a great way to teach your child to think through basic concepts of planning and critical thinking.

If your child needs additional support due to developmental delays or sensory issues, don't feel like those expensive therapy catalogues are the only answer. A few bags of dry beans in a small container can help a child with sensory dysfunction to tolerate different textures. These Edushape Balls are also a great alternative to some of their more expensive counterparts. Your child can improve hand strength and motor skills by squeezing and manipulating this toy.

As you can see, play time is more than just bonding time, it's learning time too. As a parent, I used to think that having more toys would be best. Now I realize it's not the quantity of toys you buy, it's how you use the ones you have. I wish I would have realized that sooner. I could have saved a bundle.

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February 19, 2010

100% Organic Cotton Stuffed Multi Fruit Tote


Don't play with your food. That's a rule that's made to be broken. You can teach your child to love fruits and veggies and have fun at the same time. This fruit basket is made of organic cotton and contains four different types of fruit. It includes a chiquita banana, a pear, grapes and a watermelon. Experts tell us that organic foods are healthy for us, I guess organic toys that look like food can be good for you too.

See organic toys.

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December 18, 2009

Goody Goody Gumdrops, it's not too late to ship.


If you are in last minute shopping mode, you can still get great gifts on time for Christmas. This adorable gumdrop game can ship in 2 days to make the little baby in your house giggle on Christmas morning. It's a simple sorting game. Put the brightly colored balls in, pull the lever, start all over. Learning doesn't have to be complicated. It can be fun.

See sorting games.

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